First 100


Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the first one hundred days of the administration of Donald Trump is that….OH GOD!!! IT’S ONLY BEEN ONE HUNDRED DAYS!!! OH THE HORROR!!!! SOMEONE HOLD ME!!!!

No no no. It’s all right. We’ll be OK. Well, actually no. Most of us will probably die from radiation fallout and those who remain will battle between themselves for scraps of possum meat in the Thunder Dome.

Every president’s immediate impact is judged by what they have accomplished within their first 100 days. Trump was a big proponent of this and near the end of the presidential campaign he issued a “Contract with the American Voter” which promised he would introduce and “fight for” 10 specific pieces of legislation in his first 100 days.

Among those initiatives were bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, dramatically cut taxes, spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investments and significantly expand school choice. The only legislative item introduced was a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, and it didn’t even get a vote.

While Trump and his team boast about the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, even that measure took significant manipulation as the Republicans had to steal the nomination from President Obama and changed the rules of the Senate so fewer votes were required to hijack the seat. Still, that’s not a legislative accomplishment.

Now Trump thinks it’s ridiculous to gauge him by his first 100 days. That means even he knows he hasn’t accomplished squat. He’s in a race with time to have an accomplishment before the 100-day marker which is next week. He wants to push another bill to replace Obamacare, but health care needs to be taken a little more seriously than a rush job designed to soothe a fragile ego.

The Obama administration worked nearly a year on the Affordable Healthcare Act before moving it through Congress. The Trump team attempted it within their first two months and it fell flat (despite the GOP having seven years to put something together other than repeals and lies about death panels). Now Trump plans to shove something through by next week? If they’re taking bets on that in Vegas, I’m in.

He also wants to push through a tax cut which he says will be the biggest tax cut ever. He also said his inauguration crowd and electoral victory were the largest ever. Since everything he claims as “yuge” turns out to be tiny, small, and shriveled, keep in mind he also bragged about the size of his penis.

What we’ve had has been 100 days of chaos. Very few presidents recover after having a lousy start. Ask William Henry Harrison. If we’re to use the first 100 days as an indicator of what to expect, we’re going to have four years of chaos.

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      1. For you? Of course I’d make ’em myself. Unless you want the best… in which case, I’d have my best friend make ’em. Still… homemade trumps store brand every day of the week.

        (But, you’re absolutely right – cookies are cookies. LOL)


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