Give Trump His Props


After No. 45’s speech to Congress last night many people are saying it’s the best speech he’s ever given. That’s an extremely low bar.

Why did he give the speech in the first place? He didn’t initiate any new major policies or reveal any specific details to any of his current schemes, er, plans. Was he trying to boost his poll ratings, unite the nation, or was he feeling he wasn’t getting enough press coverage?

It’s his tone that’s being discussed. He didn’t waver from the teleprompter. He was seen practicing his speech in the car on the way to Capitol Hill. He sounded more presidential. He opened by attacking anti-semitism. He’s being commended for that while being questioned if this is the real Donald Trump. The real Donald Trump expressed doubts days before that anti-semitism wasn’t being perpetrated by his critics and enemies just to make him look bad.

He talked about a shooting of three men, two from India, in Kansas City, something he condemned six days later. The real Donald Trump condemns Saturday Night Live and Broadway plays immediately. Racism, anti-semitism, hatred, that takes a few days after much consultation.

Will Trump’s more diplomatic approach change his presidency? Will he be successful? Can he rebound after a horrible start like Bill Clinton did after his disastrous first year? No. Bill Clinton was an intelligent person. Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The most disgusting part of the speech was when he used Carryn Owens, the widow of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who died in a Jan. 29 raid in Yemen.

Trump and his goons have claimed the mission, which lost Owens, a $70 million aircraft, 14-25 civilians (depending on who you ask), including a child who was an American citizen, as a massive success. They’ve said anyone who questions that is betraying our troops.

Trump continued to claim the mission is a success while passing the buck and blaming the military and President Obama, who refused to approve the raid. Trump didn’t approve it in the situation room. He approved it over dinner with his son in law. Owens’ father has refused to meet with Trump. Congressional Republicans, who loved to investigate Benghazi, haven’t expressed any interest into looking into this one. Go figure.

It was emotional for the nation to see Owens’ widow receive a huge round of applause in the chamber of the Capitol Building. It was also emotional to see a president, who fails at taking responsibility, use her as a prop.

It was emotional in the same way disgusting is an emotion.

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  1. “He didn’t initiate any new major policies or reveal any specific details to any of his current schemes, er, plans.”
    What about VOICE? It was the first time I heard about it.

    “No. Bill Clinton was an intelligent person. Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

    Bill Clinton is a fucking rapist and should have gotten impeached.

    “Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing?”
    Well he’s started to implement his policies and meeting with the CEOs of major companies to start discussing his economic policies.

    As for the widow of the dead soldier. Why was inviting her to the speech such a big deal? It shows that he cares, if he didn’t care he wouldn’t have invited her. Him using the soldiers death for political purposes is absolute bullshit and I hardly think that the widow would have accepted the invite if she suspected her husbands death was being politicized.


    1. The VOICE program is nothing more than a scapegoat and demonization program, designed to inflame racial hatred against segments of our population he seems “undesirable”. Let me ask you this…why has tRump stopped all investigations and programs tracking right wing extremism, something the FBI has said is more prevalent and more dangerous than radical Muslim terrorists? Why can he not say right wing terrorists? Why does he in fact deny that it exists, even though I can rattle off a dozen names right now starting with Timothy McVeigh and ending with Dylan Roof and or Adam Purinton, or Alexandre Bissonnette if you’re counting Canadian white terrorists.

      tRump is a rapist and has admitted to sexually assaulting women on tape. Clinton was never convicted. So by your standards, anyone accused is guilty even without a conviction? That’s an awfully low bar, isn’t it?

      He has no business whatsoever of being in charge of the military, considering how often he has outright lied and dishonored them. NEVER, in my entire life, have I seen someone crap all over our soldiers and still be elected to be in charge of them. This first murder he’s guilty of is just the beginning. He has not a single shred of respect or consideration for anyone in the armed services and more people are going to die because he just doesn’t care.

      BTW, he paid himself to feed himself and paid his restaurant and hotel to do it, on your tax dollars. All those times he screamed about the money Obama was wasting on his “vacations”… He spent in ONE MONTH what Obama spent in a year. He’s nothing but a grifter and a con man, and boy did he ever pull the wool over your eyes.

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      1. Hummmmm….Why hasn’t Trump had Hillary thrown in jail. After all, she did give the Russians 20% of our uranium.


  2. So you didn’t like the speech…Get over it. The only difference in Trump’s speech and Obama’s speeches is Obama had a lot more studdering. The next speech you need to turn the TV off and go to bed


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