Miller Time


White House policy adviser Stephen Miller made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows and continued the lie about massive voter fraud. It was another statement of his that is cause for concern if not outright fear.

Miller stated “the powers of the president to protect our nation are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Will not be questioned? We still have three branches of government, right?

Presidential power is always questioned. Every president gets taken to court over executive orders. Congress questions the president. The press questions the president. Even the president questions the president (usually). A president’s power should be challenged from time to time. He’s not a dictator. This isn’t North Korea.

Where are all those conservatives who declare themselves Constitutionalists? Why are they quiet now after screaming for eight years about Obama acting like a monarch?

What’s really scary is that according to a new Public Policy poll a majority of Trump voters believe he should be able to overrule a court. It also found that 51% of Trump voters believe the fictional Bowling Green massacre justifies the travel ban.

Journalists ask each other why Trump and his team continue to lie. It’s because his people truly believe everything he says. The guy can say New Jersey has been devoured by rabid gerbils and his people will believe it. What’s next? Tell us unprecedented is actually spelled “unpresidented?”

When they say Trump’s power can’t be questioned, his supporters will back that up. They’ll demand the press and the other two branches of government to let Trump do whatever the hell he wants, even if they don’t know what those two branches are. They will allow them to goose step all over the Constitution.

Miller, who previously worked for Michele Bachmann and Jeff Sessions, spreading disinformation and preaching blind obedience comes easy.

This is not an authoritarian fascist government and we can’t allow these people to turn it into one.

Any questions?

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  1. Republicans… You know, the ones who howl about “liberty”, carry laminated pocket constitutions, and dangle paper baggies of Orange Pekoe from their silly little tricorner hats, all seem to be peachy keen cool with dismantling their own hard won protections and uniting behind an insane fascist dictator. Could somebody possibly try to explain that kind of logic?

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