Trumped By Judges


Donald Trump is treated unfairly. Don’t take my word for it. His supporters will tell you he’s treated unfairly. Donald Trump will tell you he’s treated unfairly.

The media is mean to him. The networks treat him unfairly. Saturday Night Live is cruel. His fellow Republicans weren’t fair during the primaries. The entire system was unfair. The debates weren’t fair. Pictures of him aren’t fair. Every day someone writes to tell me I’m treating him unfairly. Every. Freaking. Day. Often those people are newspaper editors.

Even those close to him are treated unfairly. His wife is mocked for stealing a speech. Not fair. His sons weren’t allowed to profit off his presidency. Just mean. His daughter is having her name trashed because a clothing store doesn’t want to sell her Chinese-made fashion line. How cruel.

This is 2017 but we still have a lot of progress to make before this nation will stop discriminating against and persecuting powerful famous white billionaires.

One of the most famous instances of Trump whining about being treated unfairly was when he said a judge wasn’t fit to oversee a Trump University lawsuit because he was Mexican (actually born in Indiana but of Mexican parents). So we’re mean to racist white billionaires. Have you ever heard of a mistrial being declared because a judge was white? I haven’t.

Donald Trump is a racist. He’s often given clues by referring to groups as “the,” as in THE Mexicans, THE Hispanics, THE gays, THE etc. He even once referred to a man as “my African American.” Nice.

If you say someone isn’t fit to do something, like preside over a trial, because of their ethnicity, you’re not going to get much more racist than that unless you start burning crosses in the guy’s yard. Donald Trump is a racist.

Of course Donald Trump doesn’t think he’s a racist. David Duke claims he’s not a racist. But trust me, Trump. You’re a racist. Do conservatives believe one has to drop N-bombs to actually be a racist?

So at the very least you can say the system isn’t treating Trump unfairly by race because the three judges who ruled against him on Thursday are white. If we’re going by Trump’s stereotype, they were very fit and qualified to judge him.

I guess it’s too bad for Trump that his bigoted travel ban has to go back to court. Trump even said “he’ll see them in court,” which is where one normally sees judges.

Perhaps Trump wouldn’t have these sort of problems if he wasn’t so racist, and if he could put a little more time and effort into an executive order so that it comprises more than 140 characters.

Creative note: I had writer’s block tonight. I started working around 2:00 AM and then I trashed the cartoon. I wasn’t in love with it. That doesn’t mean this one is great. I think my creative wall showed up because I really felt good about a couple of my cartoons this week. So maybe I felt I couldn’t keep my personal momentum going. Maybe I got too cocky. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

I tell people we’re not going to run out of issues with Trump in the White House but ideas are another matter. I’ll just do it again tomorrow.

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    1. I doubt he’ll try. Reports are that he’s already bored and upset because government means actually dealing with other people and not always getting your way. He probably won’t stick it out as long as Quitter Palin did.

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  1. Donnie’s definition of “unfair” is anything he doesn’t win, or anyone who doesn’t think that he walks on water and that the sun shines out of his rear end. Sort of like Republicans who think that any election is “rigged” if Democrats are allowed to vote.


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