Hate In Chicago


You should be outraged over four black kids beating up a white kid while yelling “F white people.” You should be outraged if they did it without inserting their world viewpoints. But if you make post after post on social media every time a black person does something bad and you ignore Dylan Roof shooting up a black church and killing nine in the process, you might be a racist.


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  1. Or, if you think that several White football players attacking a mentally-disabled teammate, sexually assaulting him with a coat-hanger, screaming: “watermelon,” “chicken-eater,” & singing a Ku Klux Klan song is neither racially-motivated nor a sexual assault, & deserving of probation… you’re racist as f***.

    Someone posted this link to FB, noting the similarities between the cases. There’s the difference that the crime committed in this post wasn’t posted on FB live & that it wasn’t publicized like wildfire. I wonder why the latter is. 😥 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/20/idaho-football-coat-hanger-rape-teammate-john-rk-howard

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  2. Between that case and the Stanford swimmer, I can think of no better examples of white privilege, and class privilege. And if that isn’t apparent…then you have to add to the football case the judge who thought incest wasn’t worth sentencing over, and you’ll think the legal process in the western state is where the bottom half of the law school graduates go 😦


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