Herding With Pelosi


I may have been watching too much of The Simpsons marathon that’s playing nonstop for nearly two weeks. I’ve been flipping back and forth between my usual news channels and FXX and I think I’m burning out on Homer. But I do love that crazy cat lady.

Congressional Democrats apparently love her too. Nancy Pelosi has been Congressional leader of the Democratic Party since 2003 (Speaker of the House from 2007-2010).

There are arguments the party needs new blood to win back disaffected voters and working-class Americans. Ohio’s Tim Ryan opposed Pelosi arguing he could lead the party to win back Trump voters. Many have analyzed that the party is coastal and ignores Middle America and issues that affect them, like eating.

On Wednesday House Democrats cast secret ballots and selected the 76-year-old San Franciscan over the 43-year-old Ohioan. The problem for Ryan is that he hasn’t really presented a plan to lead the party and he failed to deliver his own district to Hillary Clinton. His other problem is that Pelosi is actually good at her job.

Pelosi knows how to herd cats and she’s an effective administrator, whether you like her politics or not. John Boehner had great difficulty as a manager when he served as Speaker and could have taken a lot of notes from Pelosi.

The problem the Democrats still have is that their leader, though a good manager, is an old liberal lady from San Francisco. She’s not capable of relating to moderates in the Midwest. While she led her party to take the majority in the House in 2006, she hasn’t been able to retake it since 2010.

The real issue is the party needs new talent. Not so much that they have to be young, but the Dems leadership is several years younger than the GOP’s. Their next big decision will be selecting a chairman of the party who will attempt to woo Trump voters. It’s a bit bizarre you want to win the type of people who voted for Trump when you actually won the majority and you have the right message. They need to focus on the electoral college, laws that restrict voting rights, and fighting fake news.

The Democrats are the only defense against Trump’s tyranny and plans to turn our nation into a hillbilly theocracy that worships millionaires. They also need to focus on the midterm elections in two years and eventually getting Trump out of the White House in 2020, or Mike Pence in case Trump gets impeached by February.

But don’t blame me. I voted for Kodos.

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  1. I do think she is good at her job, but it just seems like the party needs some fresh leadership. She has engineered victory before and presided over defeat. Such is the modern world of politics.


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