No Time For Intelligence


JaMarcus Russell was a star quarterback for LSU. He was thought of so highly that the Oakland Raiders made him their number one draft pick, number one overall, in the 2007 draft, and signed him for $68 million.

Russell loved the NFL money and lifestyle but the man didn’t have any interest in learning how to be an NFL quarterback. He never studied or learned how to play the game. Instead of throwing touchdowns and learning the playbook, he threw interceptions and gained weight. He gained a lot of weight. $68 million buys a lot of sandwiches. In the end Oakland released him after only three seasons and attempted to recoup over $9 million from the lazy quarterback.

Russell is considered by many draft experts to be the biggest bust in NFL history. No other team even gave him a chance to compete for another job and he never played in the game again. Even Ryan Leaf got to sign with another team after his bust. The stigma of the failure of Russell was so intense no other player wore his #2 in Oakland until 2013. Oakland spent the years since recovering from the disaster and haven’t even made the playoffs since (thirteen years so far).

The Oakland Raiders didn’t know how to select a quarterback in 2007 and in 2016 a little under 62 million Americans don’t know how to pick a president.

I’ve said all along Donald Trump wants to be president but he doesn’t have any interest in actually doing the job. So far he has only had two intelligence briefings, blowing them off for other important matters like interviewing potential members of his cabinet, deciding to live without his wife in the White House for the first five months, beckoning members of the media to come to his tower so he can chew them out, and engaging in twitter feuds with Alec Baldwin and the cast of a Broadway play.

Remember how Bush ignored warnings of 9/11? Even he took advantage of the opportunity to get up to speed on U.S. intelligence and he didn’t know how to chew his food. In fact, the last three president-elects have used the opportunities provided by the briefings and took part in them daily. Trump, on the other hand, will be lucky to find the light switch when he enters the Oval Office.

It’s not that Trump knows the “Art Of The Deal” so well, but the art of the con. When it comes to that art he’s a Rembrandt. When it comes to everything else necessary to be a successful president  he’s Montgomery Burns without the ethics. Donald Trump has conned enough voters to give him the presidency. That or they’re just really stupid and racist.

Trump has proven he’s not taking his job seriously. Just look at his appointments. He’s placed Dr. Ben Carson in charge of the Department of Urban Housing because he’s lived and been in cities. He’s putting a woman in charge of the Department of Education, a position he wants to eliminate, who has never gone to a public school, sent her kids to a public school, and has advocated against public schools….and her brother is a “yuge” donor to the Trump campaign. He’s appointed South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as ambassador to the United Nations which looks good as she’s shown she can handle heated issues, but she has zilcho experience with foreign relations. Some people say she’ll be good at that job because she’s Indian which is like saying I would be a good ambassador to European Union because I’m a Euromutt. Rudy Giuliani may become Secretary of State and the only good thing about that is it will get him out of our country on a frequent basis, though it probably won’t endear us much to our foes and allies (it’ll kinda be like your Thanksgiving with that racist uncle). Let’s not forget the white supremacist he’s made as his Chief Strategist or the Muslim hater he made his National Security adviser.

The Oakland Raiders are still climbing back and rebuilding from the expensive JaMarcus Russell disaster which took place ten years ago. How much and how long will it take us to crawl back from the Trump disaster?

The Canadian Football League didn’t want Russell and that nation probably won’t take Trump either. Not for all the sandwiches in the world.

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  1. No, he put Ben Carson in charge of HUD because he’s black. Black people lives in cities, right? (He hasn’t really, has he? I wouldn’t put Carson in charge of a burned-out match.)

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  2. I’ve had a few friends try and reassure me by saying that if we can survive George W Bush we can survive this, however, we didn’t exactly escape unscathed. We are still suffering the effects 8 years later.

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