Going Up, Going Down


I went out to watch the first game of the World Series and intended to draw during the game. It got frustrating at my Cubs couldn’t get a hit and the people around me were very distracting. I attempted to work on this cartoon a couple times but I kept putting it away.

I had an idea on Colin Powell endorsing Hillary Clinton and another idea on Obamacare. I had settled on the Obamacare idea when this one hit me and I liked it too much. It’s funny what’ll hit you while you’re watching your team lose the first game in a World Series.

I wasn’t in much of a people mood so I came home as soon as the game was over and tackled a cup of coffee and this cartoon. It felt kinda liberating to work without the distractions provided by other human beings, which is how I work on most days.

I may return to the Obamacare subject tomorrow. I think I need to give my clients something on it.

Trump has lost this election. He was going to lose it before the groper tapes came out but that just hastened the plummet. He’s stopped raising money. He’s not spending anymore money because he knows it’s a wasted effort. He’s spinning his wheels in states he doesn’t have a chance in. He may lose Utah to a third party candidate. Arizona, Texas, and Georgia have all become toss ups and there’s a real possibility Arizona will go for Clinton.

There are several factors for Trump’s failure but it all starts with losing women. You can’t insult women and respond to the controversy with more insults.

It also doesn’t help if you’re icky talking about dating your daughter and ten-year-old girls you see on escalators.

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