Cruz For Sale


Texas Senator and former and future presidential candidate Ted Cruz just endorsed Donald Trump.

At the Republican convention in Cleveland Cruz drew much condemnation for not endorsing Trump and saying that every voter has to follow their conscience. It turns out,Ted Cruz doesn’t have one.

Donald Trump has insulted Ted by giving him the clever nickname “Lyin’ Ted.” He’s insulted his wife by posting memes on Twitter making fun of her face. He’s insulted his father by linking him to the J.F.K. assassination. In response Cruz labeled Trump a “pathological liar, serial philanderer,” and a “sniveling coward.” Today Cruz is supporting Trump because he believes Clinton is worse than all those accusations and he’s afraid who she’ll appoint to the Supreme Court.

Many Cruz supporters refused to back Donald Trump as they believe he’s a secret liberal Democrat and Cruz is a man of ethics and principles. They’re probably correct in that you can’t trust Trump to do anything he promises as he states a position, flips from it, and flips right back, often within hours. They’re wrong that Cruz is a man of integrity. What kind of person supports a man for president who insults their wife and father? Ted Cruz is that type of person.

The question is: Was he full of crap when he said all those nasty things about Donald Trump or is he full of crap now by endorsing him? The answer is: He’s always been full of crap. Selecting a vice presidential running mate, Carly Fiorina at that, before he has the nomination is one sign he’s a desperate phony. He’s also a coward as his endorsement now is to prevent Trump supporters from backing a primary opponent in his senate reelection in two years.

The man has a talent for phony outrage. He pushed the lie about Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, which is more evidence he lacks integrity. I’ll never forget his whiny victim hood when one of my colleagues took him to task for using his daughters in a campaign ad where he used his daughters to attack Hillary Clinton. I can believe his outrage at Trump was staged as well too.

Ted Cruz is an icky human being. Not physically (OK. Not “just” physically) but in that he’ll use anyone and anything to play the victim and advance his own political career. He said he wouldn’t endorse Trump without an apology. I’m wondering if Cruz apologized to Trump.

Donald Trump has received endorsements from Nazis and KKK members. Creepy and cowardly Ted Cruz fits right in.

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