Good Cop, Good Cop, Good Cop, Whoops!


The nation was reminded last weekend that there are good cops out there protecting us. They’re vigilant and they put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis. We all applauded when police in New Jersey apprehended the New York City and New Jersey bomber after a shootout.

Then Tulsa happened. Then Charlotte happened. They both reminded there is still a lot of work to be done in our nation’s police forces regarding equality. When we talk about race we talk about the work we’ve done and the work we have to do. When it comes to racism, profiling, police brutality, and shooting someone because they’re black, the police have work to do. Not you. Not me. The police.

A cop in Tulsa, Oklahoma shot an unarmed black man. Donald Trump says the officer “choked.” No, Donald. Chocking is what I do when I attempt to say “President Donald cough, cough, cough, Trump.” Choking would be better applied to not shooting when you should shoot. George W. Bush choked in 2001 when he got a report that terrorist were about to strike the United States. Choking is what Donald will do when he debates Hillary Clinton next week.

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina shot a man Tuesday at an apartment complex. Many are saying he was unarmed while the police, who have not released a video, claims he was. A vigil in the city turned into a violent protest Wednesday. Riot gear-wearing police fired tear gas at demonstrators who threw bottles at police, blocked the interstate, threw objects at passing cars, jumped on vehicles, looted, vandalized a Hyatt hotel and attacked its employees.

Governor Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency and this time it’s not because a transgender walked into the wrong bathroom.

Here’s the thing that’s going to be hard for conservatives to understand: These protests are not about one case. If it turns out police did shoot an armed man that doesn’t rectify the situation we’re living in. This is about a system. A System where a innocent black people are killed, or a black child for playing with a toy guy, or a man for selling loose cigarettes. A system where an actual terrorist planting bombs and shooting at police is taken alive.

Donald Trump Jr. used the terrible Skittles analogy to warn us of bad refugees. Are we to live with bad cops? How about living with cops who don’t do bad things, but cover up or remain silent watching those who do?

The police have a lot of work to do.

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  1. I don’t understand the incident in Charlotte. He either had a gun, or didn’t. That was exactly why cops were going to wear body-cams…… Think it was a black officer shooting a black man, so if he had a gun, and the officer proceeded correctly with his warnings, there was no racism and no crime by the cop.


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