Police Shooting

Good Cop, Good Cop, Good Cop, Whoops!


The nation was reminded last weekend that there are good cops out there protecting us. They’re vigilant and they put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis. We all applauded when police in New Jersey apprehended the New York City and New Jersey bomber after a shootout.

Then Tulsa happened. Then Charlotte happened. They both reminded there is still a lot of work to be done in our nation’s police forces regarding equality. When we talk about race we talk about the work we’ve done and the work we have to do. When it comes to racism, profiling, police brutality, and shooting someone because they’re black, the police have work to do. Not you. Not me. The police.

A cop in Tulsa, Oklahoma shot an unarmed black man. Donald Trump says the officer “choked.” No, Donald. Chocking is what I do when I attempt to say “President Donald cough, cough, cough, Trump.” Choking would be better applied to not shooting when you should shoot. George W. Bush choked in 2001 when he got a report that terrorist were about to strike the United States. Choking is what Donald will do when he debates Hillary Clinton next week.

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina shot a man Tuesday at an apartment complex. Many are saying he was unarmed while the police, who have not released a video, claims he was. A vigil in the city turned into a violent protest Wednesday. Riot gear-wearing police fired tear gas at demonstrators who threw bottles at police, blocked the interstate, threw objects at passing cars, jumped on vehicles, looted, vandalized a Hyatt hotel and attacked its employees.

Governor Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency and this time it’s not because a transgender walked into the wrong bathroom.

Here’s the thing that’s going to be hard for conservatives to understand: These protests are not about one case. If it turns out police did shoot an armed man that doesn’t rectify the situation we’re living in. This is about a system. A System where a innocent black people are killed, or a black child for playing with a toy guy, or a man for selling loose cigarettes. A system where an actual terrorist planting bombs and shooting at police is taken alive.

Donald Trump Jr. used the terrible Skittles analogy to warn us of bad refugees. Are we to live with bad cops? How about living with cops who don’t do bad things, but cover up or remain silent watching those who do?

The police have a lot of work to do.

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Liar, Liar


Milwaukee has been burning.

Protests turned to violence in the wake of a police shooting of a fleeing armed suspect in the city. The 23-year-old shot was a black man. Police are reporting the officer who did the shooting is also black.  Governor Scott Walker has reportedly activated the National Guard.

Police say there was a body camera on the officer and it justifies the shooting as the suspect had turned toward the officer pointing his gun, but surprise, surprise, the audio was off. Technical issues seem to be a common occurrence in these police shootings when they go back to examine police footage of the incidents.

Wisconsin has been rated as the worst state for African Americans. The report was conducted by opinion and financial news website 24/7 Wall St (I’m not making these numbers up, people). The other states right behind are Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota where it’s probably really swell to live if you’re white or the artist formerly living named Prince. Sixty nine percent of the state’s black population lives in Milwaukee.

It probably doesn’t help the area That Milwaukee County Sheriff is David Clarke, also an African American, who loves to cite bogus statistics while denying the existence of racism and police brutality. Clarke has referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as a hate group and often calls them “sub-human creeps,” and “Black Lies Matter.” He loves Donald Trump and hates Beyonce (his panties are still in a bunch over her Super Bowl performance). He’s very popular with Republicans and spoke at their recent convention. No word yet on his opinion of Coldplay.

I had fun drawing pants on fire. A colleague of mine uses the publicity poster of the Jim Carrey movie Liar, Liar, about once every six months. Since the film came out in 1997 he must consider it a real classic and keep it between Gone With The Wind and Casablanca in his DVD collection, or in his case, VHS.

I almost gave the officer a Pinocchio nose but I couldn’t stomach the concept. It seems every political cartoonist has drawn Pinocchio (some several times) over the past year. Was there a memo sent among my profession that we’re not supposed to be irreverent anymore and I missed it?

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Black Tape


On Saturday a deranged lunatic killed two New York City police officers while they were sitting in their car in Brooklyn. Earlier in the day the same psychopath shot his girlfriend in Baltimore. After shooting the policemen he killed himself.

Now on the news and social media I see a lot of right wing rhetoric blaming the protestors, President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, NYC Mayor De Blasio, Al Sharpton and others for inciting this crime. NYC police officers turned their backs on the mayor at a news conference. The president of their union said the mayor and others had blood on their hands.

That’s just more lunacy.

This shooter incited himself. He did not need protesters voicing opposition to a very real problem on police abuses to incite him.

I do not think the police actions have earned them to be assassinated. But while right wing rhetoric say protesters have figurative blood on their hands, many police officers have literal blood on their hands. They’ve killed many black men and even children and a system is in place where they investigate themselves with very little consequence except for public outrage.

The police put themselves on a higher pedestal than those they police. Look at the police reaction in Brooklyn on Saturday. They closed down blocks, sent out officers in military, swat and riot gear, closed down subway stops, and had a helicopter circling above the neighborhood. Is that how they react when an officer kills a man suspected of selling loose cigarettes?

These same people who blame the protesters rushed to defend Sarah Palin of inciting the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Palin had posted cross hairs on Giffords Congressional district. Go figure. Of course Giffords wasn’t out abusing her authority to encourage being shot. Palin also stated “don’t retreat…reload.” Imagine the outrage if Sharpton had said such an inciting statement.

Cops don’t deserve to be shot down or assaulted in any way. They do deserve our respect and thanks for doing a dangerous job from which they may not come home from after each shift. They also deserve scrutiny and accountability. Saying as such and even being angry at them does not make anyone liable for the actions of lunatics.

If this man was incited to shoot cops then who or what incited him to shoot his girlfriend?