Trump And Sacrifice


On the last night of the Democratic National Convention Khizr Khan, his wife Ghazala by his side, recounted to the crowd how his son was killed in 2004 by a car bomb in Iraq. Khan also criticized Donald Trump for his proposed ban on Muslims (which would have prevented his son from serving), that the billionaire had never read the Constitution (and could borrow Khan’s), and that Trump had never sacrificed anything for his country.

That really peeved Donald off. He criticized Ghazala Khan for not speaking and suggested she was forbidden from doing so because she’s Muslim. Trump confused speaking with bacon.

Trump took issue with the charge that he’s never sacrificed. He stated that he has sacrificed by employing thousands of people and giving to veteran charities (after they chase him down for what he’s pledged at press conferences).

What’s really funny is in the past Donald Trump has claimed that his “personal Vietnam” was the danger of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease while he was sleeping around. In a 1997 interview with Howard Stern he said, “I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

He’s also claimed that his military-themed boarding school education was essentially equivalent to being trained in the military.

Trump received four student deferments from the draft, and after school he was disqualified by a medical exam which still remains a bit of a mystery. He claims he had bone spurs in his foot, but can’t tell you which foot. It’s probably the one he keeps inserting into his mouth.

Trump is no friend to veterans or anyone currently serving in the military. He insulted John McCain and said he wasn’t a war hero because he had been captured. Trump said he likes people who weren’t captured. He’s never done much for veterans but finds them very handy as political props. In fact, Trump has given more money to Hillary Clinton than to veterans groups. In the 1980s, Trump tried to have disabled veteran street vendors kicked off Fifth Avenue because they were making the front of Trump Tower look shabby.

To be fair, Trump has been endorsed by veteran groups that don’t actually exist.

Khan’s son was trained to use a weapon to serve his country and died in Iraq during his service. Trump’s sons use guns to shoot big game animals on African reservations. I don’t think Trump should get into a contest about sacrifice.

I wouldn’t wish gonorrhea on Donald Trump, but I will be glad after election day when he’ll be gone.

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  1. This weekend there was another Q&A with voters who are “still on the fence.” What would it be like to grocery shop with one of these folks?….

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  2. It’s difficult for Trump to keep putting his foot in his mouth, considering where his head is, but somehow he manages. He also seems to think the sun shines out of where his head is….


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