Did you ever see Robocop? It’s a movie from the 1980’s about a cop who becomes part robot. There were sequels. There was a remake. I did see parts of the remake but I never did see the original. I do recall Peter Weller was Robocop, and I don’t know how I remember that because I can’t recall anything else that actor did (and since I never did watch Robocop I never saw any of Weller’s work). Robots were annoying in the 80’s. Robocop, Short Circuit, The Robot dance.

I suppose I never watched the movie because there was already Terminator and how could that be topped (the sequels never did). There was also a lot of blow-people-up movies in the 1980’s from Rambo, Lethal Weapon, Red Dawn, Predator, Commando, Die Hard, Mad Max, Beverly Hills Cop, the idiotic Chuck Norris movies, and Goonies (OK. Goonies was not an action movie but all my friends loved it and I hated it). We also had the cool cop shows like Miami Vice and Magnum P.I. Even though I was a young male, the exact demographic Robocop was gunning for, I wasn’t that intrigued.

Another reason I skipped the movie was because the idea of law enforcement placing the law into hands that aren’t even human just doesn’t thrill me.

Which brings us to Dallas and their robot.

The sniper in Dallas had already killed five policemen. He was in negotiations with police and being uncooperative when they sent in a robot with a bomb to take him out. The reality is the guy already killed five policemen and if that’s not bad enough for you, is still very dangerous to basically anyone else alive. I’m against murder, whether the victim is a child playing with a toy gun, a black man driving with a broken tail light or selling loose cigarettes or just walking down the street, or a policeman protecting and serving. I don’t have an issue with the police taking him out with a robot anymore than I would if they had done it with a sniper. He was a bad dude who clearly proved he was a threat to society. Screw him. Blow him up and count the pieces.

Yes, I’m a liberal who would rather advocate for peace and I’m against the death penalty. But if the guy can’t be brought in and is still a danger, taking him out may save lives. Executing a prisoner after they’re captured doesn’t save any lives and only sanctions murder.

However, the use of robots to kill people by the police should raise questions and raise alarms, despite the Dallas situation being justified.

In 1985 Philadelphia police sent a robot with a bomb into the headquarters of a self-styled black liberation group, Move. Eleven members of the group, including five children, were killed, and a fire spread through the neighborhood, destroying more than 60 homes.

The concern here is that equipment like this and the stuff the Pentagon has been selling to police departments like Ferguson, are made for warfare. Police departments are for protecting, serving, keeping the peace. They do not exist to create war on their citizens. The Fredericksburg Police Department does not need a tank.

A lot of liberals are upset of the use of drones in warfare. Then again, that is warfare. Are the uses of robots with bombs the step before police departments start using drones to attack American citizens?

All those 2nd Amendment advocates who use the fear of government tyranny as their reasoning for owning guns are pretty silent about militarizing our nation’s police departments. Just as they’re silent about concealed carry when the carrier is African-American. Hello, NRA? Are you out there?

But then again, if the cop robot is annoying as the droids from Lost In Space or C3PO, I might wish for it to have a bomb.

Factoid Note: I just did a Wikipedia search on Peter Weller and I was wrong. I have seen his work. He was Buckaroo Banzai and he played Liddy in the TV show Dexter. I learned something totally useless today.

Creative Note: If I drew BB8 during the newness of The Force Awakens, I don’t recall. I think I would remember because drawing him today was a lot of fun. I usually can’t stand drawing circles.

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  1. Shouldn’t the guy being threatened by the robot have a sniper rifle? It wasn’t used against random unarmed black guys.


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