Check Your Privilege


I’ve heard accusations that some Black Lives Matters protesters are cheering the killing of police in Dallas. If that’s true it’s revolting. What’s equally revolting are people silent, or uncaring when police murder a black citizen.

There’s this disgusting guy named Joe Walsh. No, not the reformed drug-addicted alcoholic who played guitar for The Eagles. This Joe Walsh is a former congressman who now has a radio show. He blames Obama for the death of the policemen.  The Eagles Joe Walsh is actually charming.

Talking about a problem is not encouraging violence. It’s not provoking or being divisive. The same people who blame Obama and BLM for this don’t see any correlation between Robert Lewis Dear who watched a bunch of videos fabricating tales of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, and then went and shot up one of their clinics.

There is no one to blame for encouraging the terrorists who killed policemen in Dallas Thursday night. If anyone is to blame for provoking this, it would be the racist police (not all police) across this country who use their authority to murder black men. But violence is not the answer to end violence.

I’ve heard people blame Black Lives Matters and protesters for the killing of the four Dallas police officers. It seems related since it occurred at a protest rally and in the wake of police killing two black men this week. But I am having difficulty believing a protester planned and coordinated this attack within two days. A protester didn’t do this. Have you noticed nobody has blamed ISIS, who is usually blamed immediately anytime something terrible happens? We need to wait for more information before we do like Mr. Walsh and cast blame. That guy’s an idiot. Don’t be an idiot too.

Mr. Walsh tweeted that “real” America is coming after President Obama and Black Lives Matter. I’m sure when he says “real” America what he really means is “White” Amerikkka.

I actually live in Real America. Real America is white, black, brown, yellow, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, liberal, and conservative. A lot of people in Real America are having problems coming to terms with that.

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