Trump Sees Stars


David Duke once ran for president (maybe twice) and even he can’t match Donald Trump’s penchant for bigoted statements made by a presidential candidate.

Trump has made derogatory comments toward women, veterans, and journalists, but his real gift is attacking race and religion. He attacked Ben Carson’s religion. He Implied Ted Cruz can’t be Methodist because no one of that religion comes from Cuba (Cruz was born in Canada and raised in Texas). He calls Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” He’s accused Mexican immigrants of being rapists and murderers. He says a judge can’t sit over his scam university trial because the judge is of Mexican descent. He wants a ban on Muslim immigrants. He’s voiced a racist Asian accent. He’s even mocked a New York Times reporter for being handicapped.

Over the weekend Trump sent out a tweet attacking Hillary and in that tweet was the Star Of David. Trump reversed course and retweeted the retweet with the star replaced by a circle and then tweeted that the original star was NOT the Star of David and could have been a sheriffs badge.

Yeah. A sheriff badge though the tweet originally came from a Neo-Nazi group. Trump and his surrogates insults all of us for believing we may be stupid enough to believe the “sheriff badge” explanation.

This isn’t one transgression in this area for Trump. He’s retweeted tweets from racists groups before. Maybe if Trump wants to stop sending out these tweets, and defending them (he never apologizes), he should stop subscribing to racist websites.

He has to be subscribing to these hate groups. Where else is he finding such a smorgasbord of hatred? I read everything newsworthy and I never see crap from Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, or skin heads, unless they’re retweeted by Donald Trump.

I told a colleague over the weekend that I didn’t believe Trump is antisemitic. He’s just too stupid to realize stuff. What kind of stuff? Anything. His daughter converted to Judaism so golly, how can the guy be racist? But then I thought about it and changed my mind.

The guy is aiming for this stuff if he’s subscribing to it. It’s in his news feed.

I really hate to compare anyone to Hitler. Usually you lose an argument as soon as you make that accusation. But dammit it’s really hard not to if Trump won’t stop goose stepping.

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