Wrath Of Berners


Supporters of Bernie Sanders, you put up a great fight. You have passion. You’re standing for your core convictions and principles. You’re on the right side of the issues. But ya’ll crazy.

After I published yesterday’s cartoon on Hillary Clinton being the nominee, I received comments from Berners about how Hillary isn’t the nominee. She’s not yet technically, but she is. Denial sucks. Get over it.

I ran into a friend of mine yesterday who is very intelligent and informed on the issues. He’s still convinced Hillary Clinton stole the nomination and he was furious at Obama for endorsing her. Really? What do you expect the president to do, remain on the sidelines and watch Donald Trump become president?

The mission every Berner should accept is to prevent Trump from becoming president. Elizabeth Warren has accepted it. How can you believe in everything Bernie Sanders supports, yet not do a damn thing to prevent the racist, ignorant, and stupid bully from entering the White House?

You believe in Bernie Sanders. You respect his position on every issue. Will you still respect it when he endorses Clinton?

You don’t have to like Clinton. I’m not crazy about Clinton. But compared to the threat of Donald Trump putting judges on the Supreme Court, I freaking love Hillary Clinton.

So, Berners, if denial is a river in Egypt, you’re going up it without a paddle.

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  1. Not gonna happen. Trump says stupid things, but Hillary has actual DONE them. She’s under a CRIMINAL FBI investigation for goodness sake. I would check out Michelle Alexander’s piece on why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote. Wake up.

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  2. After I learned about the damage bill and hillary did to black community with their policies as well as her video calling young black men super predators, i more than likely will not vote for her. If you watch her speak, you will notice that she never tells you what she is going to do or how she plans make changes for the better. I am betting that she does this so that you can’t hold her feet to the fire later on. Trump does the same but for him its because he doesn’t have a clue of what to do or say. Bernie has talked about the issues and told us how he would affect change. It is still Bernie or I don’t vote for a candidate!

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