You have to have a big ego to run for president. Not your normal narcissism where you post a steady flow of selfies on Facebook. The kind of delusion where you believe you are the person the majority of the country wants to make leader of the free world. Since very few people have a shot at becoming president, and even fewer that actually get the job, it’s usually delusion of grandeur.

Donald Trump makes every presidential candidate in the history of the United States appear humble in comparison. I thought it was bad enough he refers to himself in the third person, but the man actually has a history of calling reporters and pretending he’s someone else. The purpose of these calls is to brag about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is awesome. Every woman wants Donald Trump. Every man wants to be Donald Trump. Being a billionaire, naming helicopters after yourself, living in a high rise in Manhattan (also named after yourself), and bankrupting casinos is fine for an egotistical narcissist. Being the nominee of one of the major American political parties, less enough president, is not. This is an insecurity that should be studied by science.

In the early 90’s Trump made one such call to a gossip columnist for People Magazine to talk about Donald Trump’s love life. He used the alias “John Miller” claiming to be a newly hired Trump publicist. New York reporters and editors were pretty familiar with the knowledge Trump would make these calls, sometimes using the alias “John Barron.” Barron is also the name of Trump’s youngest son.

Later he came clean about the phone call to People. Today he denies it was him. It’s freaky enough he would do this, but even freakier that he later denies what he already admitted to doing. What’s even scarier is that Donald Trump might actually believe himself. He probably talks to himself and that’s what Donald Trump told Donald Trump. He probably also told him he has the best hair and he needs more tanning.

What alias will Trump use next? He can borrow some from TV and movies such as Art Vandelay, Dr. Martin Van Nostrand, Regina Falange, Ken Adams, or my personal favorite, McLovin the 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor.

In case you don’t get this cartoon, that’s OK. You’re just not familiar enough with what comedians and many on social media have been mocking for the past few months. “Drumpf” is Trump’s original family name. There was even a hashtag campaign for a while of “Make Trump Drumpf Again.” The Drumpf revelation was revealed by John Oliver. Trump also told the media this week that his tax rate was none of their business.

What really amazes me about Trump is that he has flaks that will go on TV to defend him. That’s gotta be a really hard job. Are these people being paid by Trump? I also wonder how the hosts of each show can keep a straight face while these political airheads explain his nonsense.

You know, Trump can call himself whatever he wants. I just hope nobody ever calls him “Mr. President.”

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  1. Do you really think he tans, under actual rays? Who knows, if he does, I bet he uses a 10,000 SPF (the best!) sunscreen lotion you can find, IN THE WORLD! And it is probably made from something like “an infusion of a rare African Kangaroo’s gonads” topped with a little voodoo, a chicken foot and a dollop of some 12-year old Aryan virgin’s blood that came out of her “wherever”.

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  2. With the wide validation that DT is a lying POS why hasn’t a talking head, network news dude/dudette called him a lying sack, on air, with him in studio or that remote thing? Come out with a simple statement: Mr. T, you are a liar. Please have your legal team contact our legal team and after you are in fact proven to be a lying sack, you can pay our network legal fees, blah, blah, blah…
    I so wish this would happen…and NOW!
    I can’t post this as is on gocomics for fear of the mod’s..so, I’ll clean it up a tad.


  3. LOL – I keep on saying #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain in various venues, here and there…so I’m keeping the original name alive, just like “McKinley” is back to “Denali!”


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