Jilted Democrats


I’m going to be accused, again, of being in Hillary Clinton’s camp. I’m not. In fact, there was a time I couldn’t stand her. That was back in the 1990s and to be honest, she wasn’t the only one who changed.

I like Hillary Clinton. I like Bernie Sanders too. I love there is a dialogue. Liking one does not mean you have to hate the other. Promising not to vote for the nominee because they beat your candidate is immature, childish, and extremely stupid.

Oh, you don’t trust Hillary? You question her judgement over her vote for war with Iraq? So do I. I also question Bernie’s judgement in believing the gun industry is the only American industry that shouldn’t be held liable in a court of law. So there.

Al Gore beat George W. Bush in the 2000 election. If all those Ralph Nader voters had voted for Gore then the election never would have been handed to the Supreme Court to then hand it over to the son of the guy who appointed a lot of them. We would probably still have had a recession, but we wouldn’t have doubled then tripled down on it with a war financed by tax cuts for the rich.

Keep supporting Bernie all the way to the convention. After Hillary gets the nomination, grow up. Stop being a baby. Stop whining. Get serious. Because despite the stupid and goofiness of the Republican party, they are serious. And what they have in store for this country is a hell of a lot worse than what Hillary or Bernie could ever inflict upon it.

Be smart. It’s kinda important.

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  1. But I didn’t like Hillary, or more specially, her Third Way policies, before Bernie through his hat in the ring. Sorry, I don’t vote for Republicans. No Bernie in the general election? I’ll be going Green then.


    1. Then you give the election to Trump. Obviously, you didn’t take the time to read the comments by the artist on his cartoon so what the hell are you doing here?

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  2. Clay, I’m loving your news letter and agree with almost everything you write. This one is great, as usual. I wish I could send all your news letters to everyone I know who plans to vote Republican — one in particular who LOVES Trump. Oh me. I can’t fathom that, because she’s not poor, not uneducated, and I didn’t think she was a hater, but the jury’s out on that one!

    I have a wee suggestion for you. I’m a professional writer and editor and I see one little error that you repeat all the time. When you write the 1990s, there should be no apostrophe. At one point in our history, an apostrophe for the plural of a date was the rule, but no more, and it makes sense. Right?

    Anyway, I just had to write to you to tell you how big a fan of yours that I am, and that I have wanted to respond to every newsletter I have received from you, just to tell you that.

    With appreciation,

    Bonnie (one little blue dot in the giant red state of Alabama, and wondering how I could possibly be living here)

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    1. Bonnie, ya’ know what? The fact you spot something I do “all the time” means you read me all the time and for that I am really appreciative. Now I’m going to take your advice. I listen to criticism and with those that are grammatically correct, I follow.
      I am not a perfect writer and I appreciate criticism that is constructive, such as yours. Thank you for being a reader, a fan, and for making me better at what I do. That’s exactly what you did. No more apostrophes in decades from now on you, thanks to you. I’m not being sarcastic. You’re making me a better writer, which is very much needed.

      Thank you. If I mess up again, let me know.

      PS: (I probably didn’t even do that correctly) I have one reader who informs me, very quickly, when I have a typo or mistake, and tells me to delete his comment after I make the correction. I don’t mind my mistakes being pointed out publicly but I do as he (she) requests. And reading this, that person knows I’m talking about him (her) and I appreciate they inform me.

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      1. Oh me. Clay, I didn’t realize I was writing for publication! But I’m glad you took it the way you did. You’re great and I’m so glad you’re there when the country needs your sage analyses!!! And yes, I read everything you send to me . . . with great joy and amusement!!! You’re the best.

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  3. New York Primary Election DNC / Clinton Fraud – Dem. Election Official WHISTLEBLOWER Steps Forward

    Click on the screen capture at UniteVoters.com index page to view the full article.

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