Trump Vs. Kelly


Donald Trump is skipping the next GOP debate. He’s upset with debate moderator, and the host, Fox News.

He’s still sore Megyn Kelly asked him if making sexists, derogatory remarks toward women is presidential. How dare she. He feels it’s unfair. A lot of people have pointed out that he can’t handle Kelly and he’s afraid of her. Others say it’s more about Fox News, which he’s appeared on over 130 times since he’s announced and he appeared on Wednesday night. Fox News sent out a very snarky statement regarding Trump skipping their debate, which for a news organization, wasn’t very professional.

I don’t blame Trump for not being in love with Fox’s statement but I do think he’s afraid of intelligent women. Why do you think he marries super models and hangs out with Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton, who withstood the Benghazi committee’s questioning for eleven hours, will eat Trump alive.

The biggest reason Trump is skipping the debate is that he wants to control the format. If anyone else skipped the debate it would hurt their exposure. For Trump, it’s increasing. Trump is controlling the format and the dialogue.

I posted a question on social media yesterday asking if I should draw on this topic, or the Bundy militia (not that I won’t do both). Some people brought up a very valid point that I shouldn’t give any exposure to Trump. I appreciate that anyone would believe I’m influential enough to have an impact on the national conversation. But Trump isn’t in the conversation…he is the conversation.

I get comments on the way I draw Trump’s hair. At first I felt it was a bit too much and it doesn’t really look anything like his hair, just a representative that he has ridiculous hair. But all the comments are positive and most of all, I found I don’t have to put a label on him. The hair is the label. Speaking of hair, Megyn Kelly got a haircut which meant I had to put a little more research into this cartoon.

My last two cartoons were kinda hard hitting so I wanted to tone it down a bit with my next one, thus I frighten my clients. While the hard hitting stuff on police shootings and anti-choice terrorists do very well on the internet, not always great for today’s newspapers which makes me sad. My next cartoon will probably be on the Bundy militia and I can’t promise how scary that will turn out. Stay tooned.

Here’s the rough.


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