Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s Face


Megyn Kelly’s venture with NBC was probably doomed from the start. You can take the woman out of Fox News, but apparently you can’t take Fox News out of the woman.

A lot of media pundits felt she was too much “hard news” for a 9:00 a.m. morning show. I guess those people don’t watch CNN’s New Day or the daily shout fests at MSNBC’s Morning Joe. But whatever it was, Kelly’s Today was failing. That’s not what network executives expect from a $69 million contract.

It is now being reported that Kelly and NBC are negotiating her exit. This is a move that was probably hastened by her “blackface” comment.

On Tuesday’s show, Kelly said, “But what is racist? You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was OK as long as you were dressing up as a character.” Uh, what?

I’m 52, five years older than Kelly, and I don’t think it would have been OK if I had put on blackface at Halloween when I was a kid and told everyone I was being Lamont from Sanford and Son. I just don’t see any scenario where that would have gone down well.

Before Kelly went to NBC, she initiated another storm by saying Santa Claus is white, as if that’s really important to her. But, it’s nice to know that Kelly would think it’s OK for a black kid to put on white face paint and go as Santa.

I think it’s OK for a white kid to go as Black Panther, or a black kid to go as Thor (the whitest of the superheroes), or a boy to go as a witch, or girl to go as Darth Vader. It’s Halloween when imaginations are supposed to fly for children, and in a lot of cases, adults. But, to go as Sambo or Aunt Jemima is just wrong. Parents, don’t let your children go as Aunt Jemima.

Kelly later apologized, but her colleague Al Roker still wasn’t happy. Roker said, “While she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country. This is a history going back to the 1830s minstrel shows — to demean and denigrate a race wasn’t right.”

From white Santa to white Jesus to defending cops who brutalized a teenage black girl, Kelly has had spouts of racism that’s undermined the respect she’s earned as a hard-nosed journalist. For a $69 million salary, she owes it to her viewers and the public to buy some awareness.

We need role models, real and imaginary. Right now, Megyn Kelly isn’t one.

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Megyn Bails On Fox


Megyn Kelly, who once had a segment on her show that Santa Claus is white, has bolted Fox News for NBC. If you hashtag her name on Twitter you’ll see how the Fox audience is taking it. It’s not pretty.

Megyn has been considered by many as the only real journalist in Fox’s opinion-heavy evening lineup with her show in a schedule with Bill O’Reilly and Trump water boy Sean Hannity. Many others have criticized Kelly for being as much of a right-wing troll as her cohorts.

This puts Fox, the ratings leader, in a jam as they now don’t have a female, one who challenged and fueded with Trump, to work in prime time. They’re still rebounding from losing Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and the sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox leader Roger Ailes (another Trump sycophant). Will the entire lineup of opinion shows at Fox now consist entirely of Trump ball washers? Well, yeah.

Fox wanted to keep Kelly so bad they were willing to pay her $20 million a year. Money wasn’t the only issue for her as she will now be hosting a daytime show and one in the evening on Sundays. She will have a more diverse audience at NBC instead of the conservative white guy fan base Fox attracts. It may take her awhile to find her steps and realize they shouldn’t be of the goose variety.

Kelly has a history of being a racist demagogue. She then attorney general Eric Holder wouldn’t investigate black Americans accused of criminal activity. She helped perpetuate the myth of Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling stations.

During the episode of “white Santa” she also said Jesus Christ was white. This is really important to these people. It’s really odd that people get up in arms over the race of a fictional character (Santa, not Jesus. We’ll argue that another day). It reminds me when the Council of Conservative Citizens freaked out that Idris Elba, a black actor, was cast to play a Norse god in Thor. What’s next? Boycott the Minnesota Vikings because they have black players?

Kelly also defended racist emails exchanged by officials in Ferguson, Missouri, which included a joke about a man seeking “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are,” as normal. She argued that every workplace exchanges emails of that nature. My god what the hell are they swapping back and forth at Fox News? She might be in for a culture shock at NBC. Let’s see what happens when she sends Rachel Maddow an email gif of Obama as a monkey.

She has cried about an anti-cop thug mentality in black communities. Invited racist former cop and evidence planter Mark Fuhrman on her show to assist her in dismissing police shootings and brutality. I’m sure this daytime show is going to be a humdinger.

Fox News will now have to find another sleeveless blonde to be sandwiched between O’Reilly and Hannity. I can see why Fox would have to offer $20 million to entice a woman to assume that position.

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Fascinated With Newt


Be honest with yourself. You know you’ve always wanted to see Newt Gingrich waddle his naked, pink body strapped with nothing but a towel in a locker room. As a bonus I’ve also given you a nekkie Trump. Do they make Tic Tacs for eyeballs?

Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Fox News host Megyn Kelly Tuesday night and he said she was “fascinated with sex” while she was asking him about Donald Trump’s treatment of women. Nice.

Newt got testy, shook his finger at Kelly, and wanted her to say Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. He also said Clinton was disbarred in Arkansas which I want to point out is not true.

It’s kinda bizarre that Newt wants to talk about Clinton’s accusers what with his track record and all when it comes to infidelity. Trump, Giuliani, Newt, Roger Ailes…what is it with these guys, none of whom looks like a Sam Malone, and women? It seems it would behoove the Trump campaign, which is struggling with the women vote, to send out a surrogate who isn’t a HeSlut…less enough surrogates who try to push a woman around on live TV.

Kelly kept her cool and told Newt that she’s  “fascinated by the protection of women.” Newt might want to find another female to bully because it didn’t work with Kelly and Newt came off like a whiny baby. Maybe he should start with one who’s not smarter than he is. But Republicans love this kind of stuff.

Donald Trump loved it so much that he interrupted promoting his newest empty hotel in Washington, D.C. to praise Newt and he said “We don’t play games, Newt, right? We don’t play games.”

Trump has had issues with Kelly ever since the first Republican debate. He doesn’t like hard questions…or any questions not concerning how great he is. He famously said she was angry and had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

Kelly finished her interview with Newt by saying “You can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, Mr. Speaker.” Newt has been angry since the 1990s when Bill Clinton was kicking his butt all over the place. He eventually had to resign from his role as Speaker of the House during the impeachment process when it was discovered that he too is a horn dog.

One other bizarre detail of this is that Newt went on to accuse Fox News of being part of the “biased media.” Newt is still on Fox News payroll as a paid political commentator. That’s a serious breach of ethics on Fox’s part as they’re interviewing a man they’re paying who isn’t just a Trump supporter, he’s on Team Trump.

Newt can keep competing with Giuliani for who can make the most outlandish statements. I really enjoy drawing him. He’s one of those guys I’ve never had trouble caricaturing. He’s as easy now as he was in 1994.

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Trump Vs. Kelly


Donald Trump is skipping the next GOP debate. He’s upset with debate moderator, and the host, Fox News.

He’s still sore Megyn Kelly asked him if making sexists, derogatory remarks toward women is presidential. How dare she. He feels it’s unfair. A lot of people have pointed out that he can’t handle Kelly and he’s afraid of her. Others say it’s more about Fox News, which he’s appeared on over 130 times since he’s announced and he appeared on Wednesday night. Fox News sent out a very snarky statement regarding Trump skipping their debate, which for a news organization, wasn’t very professional.

I don’t blame Trump for not being in love with Fox’s statement but I do think he’s afraid of intelligent women. Why do you think he marries super models and hangs out with Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton, who withstood the Benghazi committee’s questioning for eleven hours, will eat Trump alive.

The biggest reason Trump is skipping the debate is that he wants to control the format. If anyone else skipped the debate it would hurt their exposure. For Trump, it’s increasing. Trump is controlling the format and the dialogue.

I posted a question on social media yesterday asking if I should draw on this topic, or the Bundy militia (not that I won’t do both). Some people brought up a very valid point that I shouldn’t give any exposure to Trump. I appreciate that anyone would believe I’m influential enough to have an impact on the national conversation. But Trump isn’t in the conversation…he is the conversation.

I get comments on the way I draw Trump’s hair. At first I felt it was a bit too much and it doesn’t really look anything like his hair, just a representative that he has ridiculous hair. But all the comments are positive and most of all, I found I don’t have to put a label on him. The hair is the label. Speaking of hair, Megyn Kelly got a haircut which meant I had to put a little more research into this cartoon.

My last two cartoons were kinda hard hitting so I wanted to tone it down a bit with my next one, thus I frighten my clients. While the hard hitting stuff on police shootings and anti-choice terrorists do very well on the internet, not always great for today’s newspapers which makes me sad. My next cartoon will probably be on the Bundy militia and I can’t promise how scary that will turn out. Stay tooned.

Here’s the rough.


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Trump’s Thin Skin


I don’t think I have ever seen a candidate as thin-skinned as Donald Trump. He complains he’s not treated fairly. He states if you’re not nice to him then he won’t be nice to you. If he’s not treated fairly by the GOP then he might run a third-party campaign just because his feelings were hurt. He attacks people who ask him tough questions, which you know is going to happen if you’re running for president. It’s going to happen more and more if you’re the front runner. This is only August, 15 months before the election. Is Donald Trump going to whine all the way to the White House?

He might. He gets support for being a big baby. A lot of people support him attacking Megyn Kelly (for asking an “unfair” question). They support his attack of everyone.

He’s also getting a bit more criticism but that’s because he’s taking on Fox News. This is going to be fun.

A couple nights ago I was watching his interview on CNN and was wondering what statement he’d make that’d create headlines. He didn’t disappoint. Trump made a comment about Kelly saying that while questioning him during the debate “blood was coming out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes and blood coming out of her wherever.”

Shortly after he was barred from attending a Republican summit in Atlanta because of his sexist comments. Of course the guy who barred him has often made his own sexist remarks. Trump was OK insulting Rosie O’Donnell, Obama, liberals, Mexicans, etc. But attacking a Fox anchor, oh the humanity.

This “punishment” will only rally more people to defend Trump and give Trump another excuse to say he’s being mistreated.

If elected president (play with me here and pretend it can happen) is he going to insult world leaders? Will he be Whiner In Chief?

I don’t think that Georgia conservative group should have prevented Trump from speaking. He’s a major candidate, like it or not. He needs to be heard, misogynistic comments, warts and all. This is actually an attempt by the GOP establishment to defeat him. That’s going to help him.

You don’t need to hang Trump. You just need to give him the rope. Eventually he’ll hang himself. He’s gotta!

Oh my god, I just kinda stood up for Trump.

On another note: Yes, I know. Fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese. They’re an American invention.

Here’s the rough.


Sexism and Misogyny In The GOP


Did you see the debate? Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about his horrible comments toward women. Kelly said “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Trump responded that he’s only used those terms on Rosie O’Donnell, as if that’s OK. Kelly pointed out that he’s used those slurs on other women, as though using them on just O’Donell is OK.

After the debate Trump went on the attack on Megyn Kelly, calling her unprofessional and not very good (while reminding us that he’s terrific, very good and he won the debate, everyone loved him, and he smells better than Old Spice and pumpkin pie).

The other GOP candidates on the stage didn’t want to be associated with such sexism and misogyny and criticized Trump for his disparaging remarks against women, during the debate and after. I made that up. They remained silent on the issue.

Being a sexist-misogynistic pig will not hurt Trump among the GOP. The party is full of fellow pigs. They have cultivated this among their base. Their poster boy is Rush Limbaugh who calls women “feminazis” and “sluts.” They wonder how they could create such a monster as Trump after years of drawing not just sexists, but racists, homophobes and in general, knuckle-dragging-cave-dwelling troglodytes. Hmm? How could that have happened?

I can think of at least three conservative political cartoonists who constantly illustrate Hillary Clinton as ugly. I can dismiss that as most caricatures are ugly (and I’m fully aware I often get criticized for the way I draw women). But then they make comments toward her looks, as though a 67-year old woman is supposed to be a supermodel. I imagine these guys have pinup posters hanging on their walls of their grandmothers.

Earlier this week a conservative colleague drew Hillary Clinton as a witch. Yeah, that’s not sexist.

The thing is, these guys don’t know they’re being neanderthals. To them it’s funny. This is why conservatives suck at humor. They should stop trying. Just stop.

But ya know, if they’re not smart enough to figure out why women have stopped voting Republican then they’ll never figure out the part about exhibiting some humanity.

Tough Question


I watched the first debate in a bar with some friends. First time, and probably the last, I have ever asked anyone to switch the channel to Fox News. I watched the second debate at my drawing table with an Italian sub from Wawa.

My thoughts on the debate:

It kicked off to an exciting start when toadie moderator Brett Baier asked the candidates to pledge not to run a third party campaign. Donald Trump refused to take that oath. Trump promised to support the party nominee if it’s Trump.

Trump was Trump. He got upset with a question and went off on moderator Megyn Kelly during the debate and after on Twitter. He was a real cry baby. In other parts of the debate he didn’t back down from anyone. Of course he didn’t make much sense and didn’t offer any specifics except that he’s rich, successful and popular.

Rand Paul’s campaign is dying. He tried to make a name for himself by attacking Trump and Chris Christie. He even criticized Christie for hugging Obama. I don’t think the crowd liked Christie’s response but I thought he burned Paul pretty well with saying “he remembers the hugs from victims of 9/11.”

Jeb Bush didn’t hurt himself. He didn’t help himself either. Neither did Scott Walker who reminded everyone that he rides a Harley.

John Kasich was on home turf and he wasn’t booed by the GOP crowd by saying he went to a gay marriage and would still love one of his daughters if she was gay. For Republicans, that’s progress.

Rubio came off pretty polished and will probably siphon off support from Bush.

Ted Cruz came off as a saner Trump which is like coming off as a less rattier rat. He still looks and comes off creepy in a very Uncle Fester kind of way.

Mike Huckabee said the military is for killing people and breaking things. That’s something Rush Limbaugh used to say. I don’t know what bothers me more. A presidential candidate stealing material from Rush Limbaugh or the fact I know Rush Limbaugh said that.

I think Ben Carson had the best joke and came off as the most likable. He stated that everyone mentions things that only they’ve done out of the candidates so he’d do the same. He mentioned being the only one to separate Siamese twins, operating on a fetus and removing half a brain. Then he said looking at Washington you’d think someone had beat him to removing half a brain.

They all talked about immigration, Iran, abortion, Hillary, and Obama. There was no mention of climate change or voting rights.

Personally, I like the styles of Carson, Rubio and Christie. Yeah, I like Christie. He used to be a moderate and I think he comes off more human than most, though he’s a horrible governor.

In the earlier debate (the Kid Table Debate), the media and social media is praising Carly Fiorina. That’s what low expectations gets ya’. Her winning that debate is like winning the NIT championship. Maybe she’ll move into the top ten now.

Not all the questions were softball questions but most came off from a partisan stance, as though the moderators worked for the GOP. Kelly did a good job at times. The Jesus question at the end was stupid and after halfway through the candidates, they added another question to that question which I thought was amateurish.

The next debate will be hosted by CNN. I don’t know the format yet but I’ll be checking in on that later today.

Pro-Life Film Editing


I actually got this idea while watching Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News. Yeah, I was watching Fox News.

This pro-life group went to a Planned Parenthood clinic and secretly taped them….again. They edited the footage…again. Planned Parenthood sells aborted fetal body parts for science which is legal as long as they don’t a profit from it. Megyn was really outraged the Planned Parenthood lady could discuss such details while eating a salad. I’m not sure what sort of meal is acceptable dining while discussing fetal body parts. Megyn Kelly didn’t get into that but she was really outraged about that salad.

So now Republicans in Congress wants a bunch of investigations even though there’s been no evidence or even genuine accusations of abuse. I’m sure this will as productive as most GOP led House investigations.

This cartoon will not get a lot of prints. It’ll go over like gangbusters online though. I’m ready for the hate mail now.