Sexism and Misogyny In The GOP


Did you see the debate? Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about his horrible comments toward women. Kelly said “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.” Trump responded that he’s only used those terms on Rosie O’Donnell, as if that’s OK. Kelly pointed out that he’s used those slurs on other women, as though using them on just O’Donell is OK.

After the debate Trump went on the attack on Megyn Kelly, calling her unprofessional and not very good (while reminding us that he’s terrific, very good and he won the debate, everyone loved him, and he smells better than Old Spice and pumpkin pie).

The other GOP candidates on the stage didn’t want to be associated with such sexism and misogyny and criticized Trump for his disparaging remarks against women, during the debate and after. I made that up. They remained silent on the issue.

Being a sexist-misogynistic pig will not hurt Trump among the GOP. The party is full of fellow pigs. They have cultivated this among their base. Their poster boy is Rush Limbaugh who calls women “feminazis” and “sluts.” They wonder how they could create such a monster as Trump after years of drawing not just sexists, but racists, homophobes and in general, knuckle-dragging-cave-dwelling troglodytes. Hmm? How could that have happened?

I can think of at least three conservative political cartoonists who constantly illustrate Hillary Clinton as ugly. I can dismiss that as most caricatures are ugly (and I’m fully aware I often get criticized for the way I draw women). But then they make comments toward her looks, as though a 67-year old woman is supposed to be a supermodel. I imagine these guys have pinup posters hanging on their walls of their grandmothers.

Earlier this week a conservative colleague drew Hillary Clinton as a witch. Yeah, that’s not sexist.

The thing is, these guys don’t know they’re being neanderthals. To them it’s funny. This is why conservatives suck at humor. They should stop trying. Just stop.

But ya know, if they’re not smart enough to figure out why women have stopped voting Republican then they’ll never figure out the part about exhibiting some humanity.


  1. Love your cartoons. Would love to see one where Dr. Frankenstein is taking DNA from Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly and creating the Trump monster.


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