Megyn Bails On Fox


Megyn Kelly, who once had a segment on her show that Santa Claus is white, has bolted Fox News for NBC. If you hashtag her name on Twitter you’ll see how the Fox audience is taking it. It’s not pretty.

Megyn has been considered by many as the only real journalist in Fox’s opinion-heavy evening lineup with her show in a schedule with Bill O’Reilly and Trump water boy Sean Hannity. Many others have criticized Kelly for being as much of a right-wing troll as her cohorts.

This puts Fox, the ratings leader, in a jam as they now don’t have a female, one who challenged and fueded with Trump, to work in prime time. They’re still rebounding from losing Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and the sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox leader Roger Ailes (another Trump sycophant). Will the entire lineup of opinion shows at Fox now consist entirely of Trump ball washers? Well, yeah.

Fox wanted to keep Kelly so bad they were willing to pay her $20 million a year. Money wasn’t the only issue for her as she will now be hosting a daytime show and one in the evening on Sundays. She will have a more diverse audience at NBC instead of the conservative white guy fan base Fox attracts. It may take her awhile to find her steps and realize they shouldn’t be of the goose variety.

Kelly has a history of being a racist demagogue. She then attorney general Eric Holder wouldn’t investigate black Americans accused of criminal activity. She helped perpetuate the myth of Black Panthers intimidating voters at polling stations.

During the episode of “white Santa” she also said Jesus Christ was white. This is really important to these people. It’s really odd that people get up in arms over the race of a fictional character (Santa, not Jesus. We’ll argue that another day). It reminds me when the Council of Conservative Citizens freaked out that Idris Elba, a black actor, was cast to play a Norse god in Thor. What’s next? Boycott the Minnesota Vikings because they have black players?

Kelly also defended racist emails exchanged by officials in Ferguson, Missouri, which included a joke about a man seeking “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are,” as normal. She argued that every workplace exchanges emails of that nature. My god what the hell are they swapping back and forth at Fox News? She might be in for a culture shock at NBC. Let’s see what happens when she sends Rachel Maddow an email gif of Obama as a monkey.

She has cried about an anti-cop thug mentality in black communities. Invited racist former cop and evidence planter Mark Fuhrman on her show to assist her in dismissing police shootings and brutality. I’m sure this daytime show is going to be a humdinger.

Fox News will now have to find another sleeveless blonde to be sandwiched between O’Reilly and Hannity. I can see why Fox would have to offer $20 million to entice a woman to assume that position.

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  1. More concerning is the mainstreaming of these people with very sordid histories of opinion reporting pretending to be journalism. In my world, they’re called liars. But in my world Fox news is not mainstream and real journalism still asks the 5 Ws (and whose answers are full of, you know, facts).


  2. I would add Sheppard Smith to the VERY small list of true journalist on FOX.

    On the Santa issue do conservatives really not have access to history books. St. Nicholas was born in what is now Turkey. Just like Jesus he is NOT “white”. Seriously is it so hard for them to fathom a person with some color to them being someone they would look up to?


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