Republican Minority Outreach


If there’s a black person at a Republican event then they’re on stage. There’s rarely any in the audience and if there are, they’ll be sure to spotlight them on camera. The GOP relies on the “black friend” tactic because they don’t have any, though they try to convince the rest of us they do.

Republicans used to be the party of Progressives. They ended slavery and fought for civil rights. Conservatives today love to point out the KKK was started by Democrats. So when did it change? When did the GOP become the party of conservatives thus attracting the most racists of Americans and the Democrats start caring about minorities, the poor and the disadvantaged? Probably around the same time that Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and Ronald Reagan bailed the Democratic party for the GOP.

Conservatives who point the KKK thing, as though it has anything to do with where the parties stand today need a history lesson on top of a civics lesson. They should start their research with the Southern Strategy.

Today Republicans talk about how they need to reach out to minorities while trying to restrict their voting rights. They’ll probably be spending another four years trying to figure out why they can’t win the White House.

Finally, the Black Lives Matter movement has started to target those who need to hear them…no matter how much they don’t want to get the message. Maybe now poor Bernie Sanders will be able to finish a speech uninterrupted.



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