Mandatory Voting? The Horror!!!


I’m actually against mandatory voting. It’s a dumb idea that wouldn’t survive the Constitutional test. It’s an idea with good intentions. Everyone should be civic minded enough to vote. However you also have the freedom to be a lethargic Cheeto eating couch dwelling sponge.

A part of me wants to support mandatory voting just to watch Republicans freak out. If everyone voted it would truly hurt the GOP and they’d never win a midterm election again. Never again.

Despite being the one to start the discussion I don’t think President Obama is actually for mandatory voting. He didn’t even endorse the idea or propose it becoming a law. He just talked about, probably only to freak out Republicans.

I’m not afraid of it becoming law. Obama doesn’t have time, it would never pass a GOP-controlled Congress, and it wouldn’t survive the first court challenge.

Freedom of speech includes the freedom to not speak at all.

I drew this cartoon and after scanning it into Photoshop I realized I hated the drawing. So I redrew the Capitol building several times until I etched one out I could actually live with. I’m really not that happy with the final version.

Here’s the one I couldn’t live with.



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