I drew this last Friday for The Daily Dot. Since then Starbucks has stopped their race initiative and the hanging story from Mississippi has kind of died down. The point of the cartoon still works.

I did a cartoon on the Starbucks issue last week and some commentators on blogs wrote that it was the best cartoon on the subject. Well thank you, anonymous blog posters.

With these two issues I felt compelled to draw on the issue because I started my career in Mississippi and I love Starbucks. They provide a great atmosphere, they’re a progressive company and the mochas are delicious. Plus, I get free WiFi at their establishments. Also, there are Starbucks at Targets which is another progressive anti-Walmart company.

On another personal inside note: Rob, I wrote a blog post like you requested. Since you got a blog post and a shout out you are now required to share this cartoon on Facebook. If you don’t I will come to Sacramento and force you to listen to “Wham!” for seven straight hours. Who am I kidding? You’d enjoy that and I’d be in Hell.



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