Eggstraordinarily Classified

In case you don’t buy eggs, eggs are expensive right now. And it seems like the price more than doubled overnight about a month ago.

I have groceries delivered and I include eggs every few weeks. As I went to add them to my cart from reorder list a couple weeks ago, I saw the price and said, “Holy crapazoids!” I think I was buying a dozen for around $1.78 and all of a sudden, they’re over $5.00. What the heck happened? Is there an ongoing chicken strike? No. It’s bird flu. Birds are dying off by the millions and the ones left just aren’t in the mood. In case you’re a Republican, chickens are birds. But I think the prices are starting to fall back down although the national eggheads say they probably won’t normalize until 2024.

Like the egg experts, I can predict a few things too and in 2024, Republicans will still be gaslighting about classified documents being found in an office and private home of President Biden.

Now, is this equivalent to Donald Trump and his abuse of classified documents? Of course not, but Republicans are making out like it is, which is why Democrats are upset with the Biden administration. And they should be.

I read a few comments underneath a post from a Republican congressman last night, and the goons were active. It seemed like none of them could actually understand the situation and most were lying about the details. But it doesn’t matter to them what the facts are.

Every time I draw a cartoon on President Biden, a few Democrats get mad at me. One tweeted at me this morning that this cartoon didn’t make sense because nobody’s mad at Biden. Yeah, right. If Democrats aren’t mad at President Biden, they should be.

Republicans are not mad at President Biden over this. Some might pretend they are, but they’re lying. They’re loving this because they get to gaslight and distract from what Trump did. How can Republicans actually be angry with President Biden for doing the same they ignored when their guy did it worse? They can’t. But I can be mad at President Biden.

The Biden administration did the right thing when they first found the documents and that was alerting the National Archives and the Justice Department. Republicans, this is why there hasn’t been an FBI “raid.” It’s because Biden has cooperated and Trump did not. President Biden could have torched these things, and if his lawyers were corrupt and had gone along with it, nobody would have ever known. The National Archives didn’t even know these were missing. Biden did the right thing.

Where he did the wrong thing was not alerting the public for nearly two months. I don’t care that the administration didn’t inform us in regards to the midterms because Republicans are showing us now what they would have done with the information if they had it then, which is lie about it.

What’s frustrating is how the administration has handled this. They told us about a small batch of classified documents found in President Biden’s office at a think tank he established. The documents were from his days as vice president and there were only ten of them. But, there was another small batch found in his garage that they knew about when they told us about the first batch. But, they didn’t tell us about the second batch when they told us about the first batch. Why are they giving us cliffhangers?

At first, President Biden explained it as an administrative error and that he didn’t know what was in the documents and his lawyers told him not to ask. That sounded good…until the second batch was found in his garage and he tried to reassure us that they were totally safe because it’s where he also kept his Corvette. Sure, nobody’s ever tried to steal a Corvette before. Actually, there’s a movie about that called “Corvette Summer” starring Mark Hamill in between Star Wars movies. Annie Potts plays a hooker. All I really remember of the movie is the candy apple red corvette and Annie Potts’ nipple. I was a teenager, OK?

The Biden administration set liberals and Democrats up for embarrassment as they defended the first batch only to have to turn around to defend the second. And then they found another small batch in his house. C’mon, man! Can you please find all the documents so we know where we stand with this shit?

Oh, yeah…they’re now searching for other locations to see if there are more. It’s a constant drip that doesn’t add up to what Trump did, but it keeps dripping. It’s like the Panty Incident of 2011. What’s that? I haven’t told you about the Panty Incident of 2011?

One night in 2011, my girlfriend came over for dinner and my dog jumped in her lap with panties in his mouth that were NOT hers and that I didn’t even know were in my apartment…and then he did it again with another pair…and again with another pair…and again with another pair. I had no idea where he was finding these things. It’s like he found a portal to another dimension full of panties which I believe was the basis for a Stephen King novel. That dog was killing me when I was actually innocent. Of course, there was a logical explanation and that was, my little sister used to live with me and when she moved out, she left a bag of laundry for me to drop off at Goodwill which I forgot about. Fast-forward a few years and the Beagle finds panties on date night and the doggy daddy quickly becomes a single man again. Bad dog. Bad.

Biden has dogs, right? He should blame them…or Hunter. Yeah, blame Hunter. He’s a screwup. President Biden can blame Hunter and say he left boxes of classified information in his garage on his way to drop off the laptop at the repair shop. It’s probably more believable than the bag of laundry explanation. In fact, I think I’m gonna start blaming Hunter for the panties incident.

Music note: I listened to Elvis.

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    I’m upset about the Biden documents — two months? I understand but this gives Repugs ;ammunition’!! Arrrgghh … “Republicans are not mad at President Biden over this. Some might pretend they are, but they’re lying. They’re loving this because they get to gaslight and distract from what Trump did. How can Republicans actually be angry with President Biden for doing the same they ignored when their guy did it worse? They can’t.”


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