Boos For Elon

If you’re a billionaire with a private jet, then someone tracking your jet and posting it on Twitter is definitely a billionaire problem. Cry me a river.

And this is why people are booing you, Elon, you pasty-faced ghostly dough boy.

Elon went on stage at Dave Chappelle’s performance in San Francisco Sunday night and was booed… a lot. He later said it was a “first for me in real life.” I guess he’s just used to people booing him online.

But maybe Elon’s assistants tried to cover it up the way Mr. Burns’ assistant, Waylon Smithers, tried when his billionaire was booed. “They’re not booing you. They’re cheering. They’re saying ‘Boo-urns.'” Maybe, as James Corden suggested, they were saying, “Elon blue-oooooo,” excited over the opportunity to pay to use Twitter. Aren’t we all?

Elon claims he’s a “free speech absolutist,” but he’s not. He’s a hypocrite. He had a back-and-forth with Kanye West over his praise of Hitler but didn’t ban him until Ye posted a shirtless photo of Elon.

Elon said he wouldn’t ban @ElonJet, an account tracking his private jet. And then he turned around banned it, then unbanned it, then banned it again.

The account tracking his jet was posting public information, and Elon said he wouldn’t ban it. Then he did…and then he banned the personal account of the 20-year-old college student who was running the Jet account.

Elon explained later in a tweet, “Any account doxxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location info.”

Twitter’s private information and media policy was changed Wednesday, the same day the college student’s two accounts were suspended. The new policy states that the company prohibits “live location information, including information shared on Twitter directly or links to 3rd-party URL(s) of travel routes… regardless if this information is publicly available.”

That’s pretty specific, right? Elon is changing the rules of Twitter to suit Elon. But maybe the banning of Kanye after he posted the shirtless photo of Elon was actually a safety concern for the general public. I’m still having nightmares featuring Elon’s nipples.

And how is tracking his jet a safety concern, but inciting white nationalist terrorists to commit insurrection in a coup attempt not?

And then, within a minute of me posting today’s cartoon on Twitter, in which I tagged @ElonMusk, it vanished. But, not for everyone. I was able to see the one like it received before the vanishing, and I can see my tweet when I click on that user’s like, but I can’t see it on my timeline. I took a screen capture of it and asked my followers if they can see the original tweet. Some say yes and others are saying they can’t see it either. I’m sure some of those saying “yes” may be confused. But why can’t I see it? I’ve tried it on two devices and it’s not there. Am I shadowbanned from myself?

Social media is picking on me.

Facebook update: If you’re on Facebook and wondering why you’re not seeing posts from me, it’s because I’m banned again. This is another month-long ban and this morning, FB said I still have 29 days to go which is what it said yesterday. I’m banned because one of my FB readers found Waldo in last week’s CNN cartoon, and I congratulated her on finding “Taliban Waldo.” No, I don’t get it either. The notice I received was this. Yes, I appealed, but there still hasn’t been an answer.

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  1. When billionaires own the company (newspapers, magazines, Television, mass media, social media), billionaires make the rules. Obviously, you are not following the billionaire’s rules. What? …. You are following the billionaire’s rules?
    ***Billionaire Addendum to Billionaire Rules: Billionaire can change the rules anytime they want.
    Unless you are a Saudi prince … you are at the mercy of all billionaire whims … which change all the time.

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  2. Clay, it is an age old story of someone or some company buying another entity only to go about destroying the capitalized value of what they just purchased. Musk just accomplished that task faster than others. Warren Buffett is a famous acquirer of companies. He does interject some governance, but he tries not to monkey around too much with what made the company an attractive target to buy. Keith

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    1. I have to push back on the statement that Warren Buffett doesn’t monkey around too much with the companies he purchases. BH Media Group, a division of Buffett’s conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, bought newspapers, liquidated as many assets as possible, laid people off, destroyed careers for profit, and then sold out. He did this to my former employer which is now a shell from what it was during its glory days.

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