Who’s Absorbent?

I may have mentioned this in a blog a few days ago (I can’t remember the things I do), but one of the rabid racist MAGAt sycophants whose Facebook page I check in on periodically to gauge the latest GOP outrage posted a tirade about how Biden was politicizing Hurricane Ian.

This post was a few days before Ian made landfall in Florida. The goon wrote, “The refusal of a United States president to meet with, or even talk to the governor of a state about to be hit by a major hurricane, because of political differences, is an unprecedented height of political pettiness.”

Let’s parse this down. Who’s to say anyone was “refusing” to talk to someone? If there was a refusal, why did he assume it was Biden doing the refusal? Since this was a few days before the hurricane, wasn’t it premature to assume they wouldn’t talk (maybe this MAGAt is premature with a lot of things)? Since they did talk and Biden approved every bit of federal aid DeSantis asked for, did the FB poster issue a correction or an update? Of course not. Since he’s triggered by the supposed lack of help, was he triggered enough to applaud Biden for helping Florida? No. And, all the comments on it are still outraged. Nobody has corrected the record. And I’m not gonna comment on it because the goon gets off on that and it only makes his supporters scream at me for using those things called “facts.”

But the biggest takeaway from this is his calling Biden’s “refusal” to talk to DeSantis (which wasn’t true) an “unprecedented height of political pettiness.”

From this point forward, I’m addressing the MAGAt goon.

Excuse me? Did you snore through the entire Trump administration? No, you did not because you were defending all his racist petty bullshit on a daily basis.

In fact, you defended his throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans after the territory was hit by Hurricane Maria.

You defended Trump when he didn’t know it was a territory, an island, or that he was president of Puerto Rico.

You defended Trump when he feuded with the mayor of San Juan over petty shit.

You defended Trump when he lied about the death toll.

And you defended Trump when he withheld billions…BILLIONS…of federal aid because the mayor hurt his feelings and he didn’t believe he had received enough compliments for all the wonderful things he did for Puerto Rico after the hurricane, which was him visiting the island and tossing paper towels. Why didn’t more people appreciate that?

Never before has any president thrown paper towels at hurricane survivors as well as Donald Trump.

I also remember you defending Trump when he said “send them back,” used federal funds to extort the president of Ukraine, downplayed and politicized the COVID pandemic, his 30,000 lies, his sexual assaults, his endorsements of pedophiles, and when he ordered an insurrection and attack on Congress. I even remember when you defended his defense of Nazis in Charlottesville.

So, yeah. You were present and at least semi-conscious during the Trump disaster. So, why do you believe that our current president (not the one you think won) refusing to talk to a governor is an “unprecedented height of political pettiness?”

After approving aid to Florida, President Biden didn’t tweet something like, “Many people are saying how awesome I am for providing this aid.” I haven’t seen a tweet saying, “Thanks to my leadership.” He hasn’t complained that he hasn’t been thanked enough. He hasn’t lashed out at any government authorities in Florida for being unappreciative. He hasn’t gone to Florida to toss out paper towels. But most of all, he’s not withholding federal funds from Florida because he doesn’t like someone down there. And trust me, there’s someone down there very unlikeable.

Even if Biden hadn’t talked to DeSantis, why would anyone care? I wouldn’t blame him. Who wants to talk to racist fucks like Ron DeSantis? It’s the same as me not wanting to talk to the racist fuck who made that lying Facebook post.

Biden has not put politics before the people of Florida despite the fact it’s a red state now and it voted for Trump.

Do you know why? Because President Joe Biden isn’t a selfish sonofabitch whose only concerns and interests are himself.

This cartoon is just a remember, and maybe a gentle nudge to MAGAts, that we have a decent human being as president right now, and not some rancid racist selfish entitled orange tosser.

Music note: I listened to Jack Johnson while drawing today’s cartoon.

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  1. I have a Q-Anon brother (actually two of them) and no amount of common sense or reality gets through to them. Their brain wiring is pure cult, pure Pied Piper follower, pure idiot.
    I have no time for that nonsense.
    (I am busy camping, kayaking, heating up a can of Bush Beans, cooking cheeseburgers over an open fire, toasting marshmellows, and building smores.
    The trees are changing. Colors spectacular. Sunsets gorgeous.)

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  2. Would love to be the one to comment on the ranting and incorrect Facebook post you mention, just in the spirit of sharing education with people who apparently missed out. (Am not being snide – as a teacher, i believe that people become ignorant fanatics partly through things that they unfortunately missed out on.) If you care to let me know who the poster is, i can go there and try to gently mention to them that they have the wrong info. It would be something fun to do on FB which otherwise has little appeal for me.

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  3. You should identify and publicly shame the Facebook asshole you are describing. Tell people to unfriend him. Tell people to kick his ass to the curb. Tell people who he is. I don’t do Facebook but if I did and know who this asshole was I would message him to go fuck himself. If 1000 people did that maybe he would wake up.

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      1. Something needs to be done to shut these Maga bastards down. They are a cancer killing the nation from the inside. Public shaming might at least be a start.

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      2. What’s your suggestion to deal with them? Voting addresses those running for public office but how would you address the Maga voters who believe lies are truth and conspiracy theories are facts?


  4. In my opinion the best thing we can do is ignore them, and stop giving them air time. We are not going to change them, and it is impossible to shoot them all. They want to be assholes, that is up to them. The thing is, they believe the rhetoric Trump and his psycophants put out, and they condider us the assholes. Let them. Vote out their leaders, and take away their power. Worry about yourself and how you live your life. And if you don’t like your life as it is, change it. Move somewhere that you can live in peace. Worrying abiut MAGAts is going to ruin your life, if you let them get to you. Why would you let them do that?


  5. Then you have MT[G] saying that we should not have given money to Ukraine. Ian wasn’t a hiccough when funds were appropriated for Ukraine. It is like buying a much needed new car and being laid off your job a week later. You try to pay your bills, save for a rainy day, and cover crises as they arrive.


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