Roughs, Volume 156

It’s time for roughs. All of these were drawn last Friday, September 23, except for the first one. It was drawn the day before. All of these are on Russia, Putin, and Ukraine, except for the first one.

I liked this cartoon and the only reason I didn’t do it is that I had already drawn two others on the subject.

I did something similar to this at the start of the war, and I forgot about it when I roughed this idea out. Later in the week, I stumbled upon the other one I had already drawn. A lot of cartoonists do this, forget they had already drawn an idea.

I wasn’t too crazy about this one and I did an image search after I drew it for “political cartoons,” “Russia,” “Putin,” and “meat grinder,” to see if it had already been done. It had. A lot.

I dug this one and turned it into a real cartoon.

I did not like this one.

I didn’t like this one at all. It’s boring to me, but I started throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks.

I wasn’t crazy about this one.

I did three on Russians fleeing their country to avoid Putin’s draft. They’re all similar and I was trying to find the best way to implement the concept. I felt I had something but wasn’t sticking the landing.

This was OK but I still kinda dug it.

I really liked this one but chose the Putin Youth cartoon over it.

See? Another version of the fleeing Russian draft dodgers. I don’t blame them.

This is the one we went with for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. I really liked it.

So which ones are your faves?

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  1. Telepathic Trump is brilliantly hilarious! I’m sorry you didn’t use it. True, Reagan tried to count ketchup a vegetable (something about the trimming of the meager school lunches during his cutback presidency), Trump is now synonymous with ketchup, especially when it’s on a wall. He probably does think he can wave a wand and get what he wants at this point, given that nothing has stuck so far.


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