Coups And Condiments

You don’t really need a blog for this one since I wrote about it a few days ago. I just felt like having some fun. Plus, it’s Sunday. Let me have some time off.

Creative-wise, I wrote this last Thursday. I was going to draw it yesterday but thought I should do the Biden/Jason Vorhees cartoon first. This silly condiment cartoon should put all my readers back into their regular jolly smooshy feel-good moods toward me after screaming at me all day over the Biden one.

Personally, I’m against mixed marriages like this. Ketchup should stick to its own kind and keep its grubby ketchuppy paws off good condiments like mustard. There should also be a law against mustard and ketchup getting freaky on a hotdog.

Music note: I listened to Led Zeppelin.

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Watch me draw:



  1. I don’t relish any debate over this. There’s no slaw that says you can’t mix condiments. C’mon man whether you spell it catsup or ketchup shouldn’t put you against the wall with the usual suspects. Chili out dude.


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