At least 874 people have been charged by the Department of Justice in connection to the attack on our Capitol building by Donald Trump’s white nationalist terrorists who were trying to overturn an election.

DOJ has raided the home of Jeffrey Clark, a former official from Trump’s DOJ who pushed to decertify the election and wanted to use the department to push Donald Trump’s election lies. Trump tried to install Clark as acting attorney general in the days before the January 6 insurrection when top DOJ officials refused to lend credibility to his voter fraud lies. Clark pushed agency leaders to issue a letter to states saying they had the authority to replace electors with those who would back Trump. They did not have that authority.
DOJ leaders and members of the White House counsel’s office threatened to resign en masse if Trump made the change.

DOJ has seized the phone records of John Eastman, Trump’s lawyer who Liz Cheney has described as “one of the primary architects of President Trump’s scheme to overturn the election.” Eastman was one of the people Ginni Thomas was texting during their evil scheme to steal an election for the orange GropenFuhrer.

Eastman helped Trump devise the plot for vice-president (sic) Mike Pence to block or delay the certification of the election on January 6, 2021. Pence didn’t go along with it. For that, many say Eastman and Trump should both be charged with obstruction of a proceeding before Congress and a conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Last week, a grand jury in Washington, D.C. issued subpoenas for GOP party leaders in Arizona and Georgia who were involved in the plot to install fake electors in those states despite Joe Biden winning them. The grand jury is also using the subpoenas to seek information on Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the election steal. Rudy is one of the many who asked Donald Trump for a pardon.

The big question for Merrick Garland and DOJ is when do they go after the big guy? When do they prosecute Donald Trump? I’m sure they’re building a case and will decide at some point whether to charge him or not, but they have to charge him. We have testimony that Trump knew members of the treason crowd were armed that day and he still wanted them to be allowed to attack the Capitol. He knew they were armed when he told them to fight and not be weak. He knew what he was doing.

We can not allow a former president (sic) to get away with refusing a peaceful transfer of power and committing an insurrection. We can’t allow a former president (sic) to try to steal an election and install himself as a fascist Cheeto-stained dictator. Sure, it’ll be divisive and piss off the Trump cult but we can’t let them destroy the nation because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. Besides, it’s their fault they chose to follow an orange fraudster like Donald Trump to begin with.

At least 874 people have been charged in connection with a coup attempt and insurrection. We can’t leave out the guy who ordered the terrorist attack.

Creative note: I told you I might do a ketchup cartoon. But I wanted to do more with it than simply state that Trump is a baby pitching tantrums.

Music note: Like with yesterday’s cartoon, I listened to The Beatles while drawing this one.

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    1. “Anticipation is making me wait”…who would ever have thought the Presidency of Donald Trump would implode because of Ketchup slowiy dripping down the West wing dining hall wall after another signature man-child Donald Trump temper tantrum. Donald Trump is a national ef-ing embarrassment.


  1. Garland is playing with fire. If he indicts a former president for acts occurring while President, does that give future Attorney-Generals the right to indict future Presidents for jay-walking? You know the GOP wiĺl try to indict Biden on “Trumped-up” charges if Garland indicts Trump on “witch-hunt” charges. It is what they do, this new breed of Repuglygarbagecan Neopoliticians. Tit fot tat and spit for spat.. Catch 2022!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    WORD!! Dare we hope? … “At least 874 people have been charged in connection with a coup attempt and insurrection. We can’t leave out the guy who ordered the terrorist attack.”


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