Rent Is Due For Biden

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I was watching a story on CNN last Thursday about rent going up across the nation. It’s not just going up $20 here and $30 there per month. There are increases across the nation from 35 percent to 54 percent. People can’t cope with that, especially low-income people. They don’t have excess money for rent. I personally don’t believe our current inflation is forcing landlords to jack up rental prices to these extremes. Are property taxes going up? Are adjustable mortgages going up? From recent studies, no.

When asked about the possibility of a recession, President Joe Biden, who lives rent-free in the White House, said he’s not worried about it. He better start worrying about it because he was elected to worry about it.

I was talking to fellow cartoonist Michael De Adder last week during the Herblock Award festivities about our readers and how most of the time we are preaching to the choir. I told him that after Biden was elected, some readers came down on me for the way I caricatured him, finding it too harsh. I laughed with Michael over how they were OK with me basically drawing Donald Trump as a mango fascist Oompa-Loompa over the past six years, but give Joe Biden a high forehead with very little hair on it and they howl. Yes, you do that.

My other colleague and Russian stooge Ted Rall claims he’s the only liberal cartoonist who’s criticized President Biden, First off, he’s echoing Russia’s talking points on Biden and he’s a lying lunatic. I’ve seen plenty of liberal cartoonists, who are on President Biden’s side on most things, criticize him on other issues. It’s the MAGAt cartoonists who’d never criticize Trump but go after President Biden for saying crazy things and his low approval ratings. That’s called hypocrisy.

I am not a Democrat. I’m a liberal independent. Sure, I vote Democrat and will never ever vote for a Republican again, but I’m not a partisan while most of my audience is. I know each time I hit Biden that the cartoon will get very few shares and likes on social media. If anything, it confuses my readers which means I should do this more often.

And the thing is, most of my readers don’t love Biden. They’re defensive of him because he’s what they got right now. On the end of the spectrum, there’s a cult for Donald Trump. Joe Biden does not have a cult. I guarantee that more Democrats are willing to criticize Biden than there are Republicans criticizing Trump.

So, when my editor at CNN picked this, I knew it wouldn’t go over well with my audience on social media. It has only received 11 shares far on Facebook while getting more comments. My editor believed in the cartoon and that we need to go after both sides when called for. And you know, I almost didn’t send the rough to my editor.

My friend Mike Peterson disagreed with the cartoon today on The Daily Cartoonist, but I’m fine with his criticism and I think it was more than fair.

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  1. Biden is doing okay in some areas, but not so much in others. That is human nature, and Biden is human, even if his predecessor was not. One thing Biden is not, he is not the Greal Ucoloured Hope that the United States needs right now for a leader. He doesn’t have the balls a great leader needs. He hopes to make most people happy. After 4 years of Trumpelstiltskin, the difference is big. But it is not enough! Ameticans need someone who will fight for them against the MAGAt Cult. That person is not Joe Biden-His-Time. I said that before he was even elected, and he has not done anything to change my mind!
    So, good for you, Clay. (But I still won’t use the Like button, because I hate it.)

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  2. Joe Biden is a thoughtful, decent human being who is no doubt concerned about increasing rents and cost of living, whereas his predecessor was none of those things. So in that respect, I take issue with this cartoon.

    That said, Joe Biden is not (nor was Barack Obama) the street-fighting, in-your-face, bully-pulpit hammering progressive leader this country so desperately needs in an era in which disinformation reigns supreme, our rights to vote, control our own bodies or receive decent healthcare are under attack, and our 200+ year history of holding free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power is quickly coming to a close. So in that respect, I hope Joe Biden is primaried by someone who is.

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  3. It would help if he had the full force of the House and Senate behind him. Manchin and Sinema have been a big fly in the ointment and I am really hoping this year’s elections bring more support to the Senate to get the agenda moving forward – voter’s rights, more infrastructure. No he isn’t a barn burner, he is just a relief after the last guy. I hope someone rises to the top on the Dem side as a presidential candidate for 2024. No more Biden or whoever the R’s decide to put on the ballot.
    Also, I don’t think the feds have much control over rents. Isn’t that a local issue??

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  4. I can say and highlight that we need to realize that any political figure has a great deal of disadvantages and cons. We need to realize that we will never see a perfect president who could meet all our needs and all our expectations, but I think that everything can be seen through comparison. it is important that the president is able to Improve the welfare of the people, fulfilling his key responsibilities and, from my point of view, Biden meets these criteria to some extent. From my point of view, positive changes during his governance are quite perceptible and people should value it without dwelling only on negative aspects. Of course, Biden is a quite controversial political figure and he is not the model of a perfect president because he has serious disadvantages, but I think that all politicians are like that, anyway.

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