Guns & Panties

Stupid-ass North Carolina Republican congressman Madison Cawthorn was busted trying to sneak a gun through security in his carry-on bag at Charlotte Douglas International Airport…again.

Yes. Again. This has happened before. This is how stupid Madison Cawthorn is. He’s not just stupid enough to try to sneak a gun through airport security, thinking the X-ray machines won’t catch it, but he’s stupid enough not to learn from the first attempt’s failure.

Last year at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, he was caught trying to sneak a gun onto a plane. His spokesgoon explained it as something innocent as Madison likes to use the same carry-on bag to stow his gun for when he travels to the firing range where he pretends his paper targets are black people.

Last year, Cawthorn was accused of bringing a knife strapped to the back of his wheelchair to a school board meeting.

Last March, he was charged with driving with a revoked license. He has a May court date on the misdemeanor count, which carries jail time.

Madison was fined both times he tried to sneak a handgun onto a plane. The TSA says they don’t disclose the amounts of fines for crossdressing hypocritical goon Republicans, but civil penalties for trying to bring a gun through airport security average about $2,000 for an unloaded gun and $4,000 for a loaded one, with a maximum fine of $13,900.

I’m thinking that after going to all the Washington Republican orgies crossdressing Madison Cawthorn has boasted about that a little deep probe body cavity search by the TSA is something the congressman can handle in stride. Hell, he’ll probably enjoy it.

Wait a minute. Maybe that’s why he keeps trying to take guns onto airplanes. “Oh no, don’t look in the bag…oh drats. You caught me. I’m a bad boy.”

For the first time in my life, I feel bad for the TSA.

Music Note: Cranberries and Goo Goo Dolls.

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  1. Nice portrayal of this semi human being, to bad the TSA didn’t have a 3 strike policy to kick him off permanently. Cheers


  2. If you don’t succeed, try and try again. Next time they best check underneath the seat of his wheelchair. In Cawthorn’s simple mind, “They’ll never look there!” Have the gun-sniffing dog around him. Maybe it will be in his wearing undereearnext time.

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  3. “ Madison was fined both times he tried to sneak a handgun onto a plane. ”


    Any Non-Cross-Dressing Non-GQP Non-CongressGoon would have been Arrested the First Time, and the Second Time would have been Excessively Beaten Over The Head and then Arrested.
    A Polite Non-GQP CongressPerson wearing a Clean Business Suit With A US Flag Lapel Pin Perfectly Oriented MIGHT Be Fined the First Time, but would Definitely Be Arrested the Second Time.

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  4. Hello Kitty detail and BYOL. Bring your own lube. I’m thinking there may be some projection going on here about the cocaine sex orgies…does he invite TSA? Wait….maybe Ashley Madison knows about them because, gasp….he runs one???

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