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I’m trying to sign up on Truth Social to see if I can get banned on my very first day. I want to post this cartoon. The problem is, I’m having trouble having a very first day. You know how you get a confirmation email when you sign up for something new, right? Yeah, I’m still waiting on that email.

After taking a tiny break to eat a chicken biscuit with mustard, it arrived. And only after two re-sent attempts.

I’m in business now. I verified my email, created a password and a username (ClayJones), and now…I wait. I’m not in business. My waitlist number is #569,880. But, I don’t have to worry. Despite that number, Truth Social says I’m “not just another number.” They also say, “We love you.” What the fuck? Do they think I’m a non-housebroken white nationalist terrorist trying to overturn the election for Donald Trump? Ew.

Trump’s new social media platform has been a bungled mess so far. For a social media platform to succeed, it needs people. Yet, this platform can’t get people on its platform. Bill Fitzgerald, a privacy researcher, said, “The basic thing they needed to actually get right, to get someone in the door, they couldn’t get right.” Remember when Donald Trump criticized the rollout of Yeah, good times.

Fitzgerald also said, “There is no better sign of a rushed implementation than the fact that you can’t onboard anybody. So I’m hard-pressed to understand why anyone would trust that these people would keep their information safe.” It’s Trump and his goons, so no. Nobody should trust him. My email has probably already been sold to a Nigerian prince in Belarus.

Someone in Belarus stole one of my cartoons and blogs for their shitty website, and rewrote parts of the blog.

Truth Social is Donald Trump’s Twitter. He created his own platform because he can’t play on Twitter anymore, to which he was addicted. On Trump’s platform, tweets are called “truths,” and retweets “retruths.” Did you just groan a little bit? I’m sure Trump won’t ban himself for strategizing white nationalist terrorist attacks and retweeting Nazis on Truth Social.

The logo to Truth Social is a broken “T,” which the company seems to have stolen from Trailar, a British company that sells solar panels for trucks. That’s a thing? Cool!

Here’s the fun stuff: Trump and MAGAt nation spend their quiet hours screaming about censorship. If their lies are removed from social media, they claim it’s censorship and cancel culture. Then they roll around on the floor kicking and screaming while wetting themselves. But Truth Social also has restrictions on “acceptable speech.” After they let me in, if they ever do, I’m going to test this vigorously.

People are banned from trying to “trick” or “mislead” other users, violating anyone’s “privacy or publicity rights,” or posting messages that “depict violence” or include messages related to “sexual fetishes,” “sugar babies” or “sexually suggestive” phrases. People are also forbidden from posting anything “false,” “indecent,” “misleading,” “profane,” “obscene,” “filthy” or “otherwise objectionable.” The guy who told over 25,000 lies as president (sic) is going to decide what the truth is for other users…also, “sugar babies?” Does this mean Melania can’t join Truth Social? Would that comment get me banned on Truth Social? We’ll find out.

Now, for an example of censorship: Trump’s company, the Trump Media & Technology Group, prohibits criticism of Trump’s company. The terms of service prohibit anyone from attempting to “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, us and/or the Site.” The site has already banned Devin Nunes’ Cow. How’d that cow moove (see what I did there?) so quickly through the waiting list? Will posting that Devin Nune’s is a cow’s sugar baby get me banned on Truth Social? We’ll find out.

Say what you will about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, but they do allow people to criticize their platforms on their platforms. You know this is true because you have done it. I know I have. Half of Facebook’s users are people who hate Facebook and they let you know how much they hate Facebook with their anti_Facebook posts on Facebook.

Also, do you remember how Trump said the laws that protect social media companies from being sued for what their users post should be “completely terminated?” The site’s terms of service show that it’s also protected from those same laws.

The disaster of the site’s rollout is mostly on Trump’s team, directed by the Cow’s sugar baby, Devin Nunes, who runs the company. They were not ready for this and like with most things, they’re incompetent. But another reason for the issues is that so many are trying to sign up at once for a platform that’s not ready for it. Is the site that popular with people who love Trump or is it more popular with stinkers like me and the cow who want to make fun of it?

Do MAGAts actually need Truth Social? They already have Gab, 4Chan, Telegram, and Parler. But I guess this one is supposed to be the final solution to Twitter, so all the users from the other hate sites can all congregate together on Trump’s platform…which will probably be required for cult membership. If Truth Social works, it will make Trump richer. This guy’s been sponging off his supporters for years anyway.

The majority of Truth Social users will be Trump lovers, so I guess Vladimir Putin may have an account soon. And what better way for him to keep us up to date on his invasion of Ukraine by using Trump Social to tell us it’s not an invasion, but “peacekeeping.” And you know there’s no better way to own the libs than to join Truth Social and support an authoritarian madman’s invasion of a democratic nation that’s an American ally.

Don’t look for Truth on Truth Social…but you will get to social with Nazis. Truth.

Also, will Truth Social make an exception for Donald Trump to join since he’s Putin’s Sugar Baby? Can I post on Truth Social that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s sugar baby?

We’ll find out.

Creative note: This is the tank I eyeballed while drawing my tank. And yet, my cartoon tank doesn’t look like the tank in the picture.

Music Note: I listened to Vertical Horizon and Verbena while drawing this cartoon. Verbena is a great band to listen to while crosshatching.

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  1. A wait list of over half a million? I hope a yuge, bigly number of those are people like you, Clay, though I have no doubt there are many more magats than that.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in MAGA world. I am sure there are a lot of good trouble makers in the line up.
    Sugar Babies???? still puzzling over that one and also still laughing about not posting false and misleading information,considering who is putting their name behind it.


  3. I’m surprised they didn’t appropriate the logo of Four Seasons Landscaping instead of that trucking firm.

    But a more apt logo would be to mimic the twitter blue bird but change it to a dodo.


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