Rough, Volume 123

One cartoon in his batch is from last week. The rest are from this week.


I was out and away from my iPad when breaking news came in Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was retiring. I should have known with the quickness I got this idea that someone else would do something similar…or basically the same idea. Before I could finish my cartoon, Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had published the same idea. Then I saw one by Politico’s Matt Wuerker. Then I saw a meme of the idea from The Daily Show. Even though it was obviously obvious, I still liked it. I also liked mine better.

Also, I wanted to whine and someone had to see this so I texted it to a colleague of mine. Guess what he was working on.


This is the rough for last week’s cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter, Provoke/Persuade. I had so much fun drawing this that I added more detail than usual to the rough. It was also the only rough I drew for the newsletter as it was the first and it was picked. This cartoon got me a few compliments from some colleagues, which always makes me feel good.

I almost kept this rough for the cartoon and briefly considered drawing on top of it to tighten things up. But I just went ahead and started from scratch.


This was yesterday’s cartoon.


And I thought of this Mr.s Buttersworth cartoon the day before I thought of Sexy M&M. I knew I could only go with one of them, so I asked my proofers, Hilary and Laura, which one they liked better, Mrs. Buttersworth or Sexy M&M. They both picked Sexy M&M. My only concern was that I had already used Sexy M&M this week. But it was too funny not to do.


This was Friday’s cartoon. This makes the third book-burning cartoon I’ve done since Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin started his campaign. I’m going to lay off the concept for a while.


This is just a template and I was planning to replace some of these with funnier lines. This was also a desperate attempt to save the first SCOTUS idea I lost to other cartoonists…and The Daily Show.


Yeah, no.


This started as something else on Sarah Palin and other anti-vaxxer celebrities, but it turned into this mid-rough. I might come back to this subject.


This was going to be an actual cartoon until I got to this point, where I realized it was giving the impression Anne Frank was an anti-vaxxer. This was based on Robert Kennedy Jr comparing the unvaccinated to Anne Frank. Hilary and Laura both agreed and said it made Anne Frank look like an anti-vaxxer, which, needless to say, would have been extremely stupid of me.


This was on Glenn Youngkin’s executive order banning mask mandates in schools. “COVID” was going to be on the tombstones. I changed my mind at this point and did something else.


This is the rough for today’s CNN Opinion cartoon. I really liked this one and it’s doing really well so far on social media, for whatever that’s worth.

Which of these are your faves?

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Watch me draw:


  1. Either I am in a bad mood today, or none of these was particularly funny. Why am I maybe in a bad mood. CANADIAN TRUCKER CONVOY TRUCKERS STOLE FOOD INTENDED FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE IN OTTAWA. And at the same time made a total mess of traffic in Ottawa, so that people could not get to work or ambulances to downtown hospitals. And they never stop blowing their f’in horns so everyone is triple stressed out from the noise bombardment.
    Why don’t they just get vaxxed and go back home! It is the easiest solution to growing unrest in Canada..


    1. i don’t get it myself. from the link below: “One man and his Winnebago

      The protest, originally, had nothing to do with truckers: The freedom convoy began as one man in his winnebago.

      James Bauder registered the Canada Unity Facebook page in late 2019, when he was a fervent supporter of the United We Roll anti-carbon tax convoy. Things didn’t exactly take off: In March 2021, his recently-registered website boasted a membership count of 30.”


      1. Everyone who thinks they have an axe to grind is jumping on board, and the more that jump on, the more likely things are going to turn violent. Ever since Trump made it okay to HATE OPENLY, things have been going downhill in our society. (This is not to say he caused this, just that he endorsed it!) Where haters used to mostly remain silent, now they are more vocal than ever. While I can foresee even more violence than we have had in the past few years, I do hope most Canadians are not going to get involved, or better, work to calm things down. We are, by our nature, mostly non-violent, I think.
        That cannot be said of our southern neighbours, though, and what will happen here if America splits on political lines, I cannot even imagine. What with the Tories trying to copy the Republicans, things could turn out worse than most of us can imagine.


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