Roughs, Volume 122

Hey, kids. I drew eight roughs last week and seven of them were on the Supreme Court.


I liked this one but I really hate to give anything to the Lets-Go-Brandon fuckers. A lot of them would have seen this cartoon and thought I was on their side.


This one might be my favorite of the SCOTUS roughs.


This was the idea CNN picked.


I liked this one too.


And I liked this one too. I should shop these to other cartoonists. Just kidding.


I drew this one for my clients. I really wanted to get something out on Djokovic.


I kinda liked this one too. Have I done something on Joe Rogan yet that wasn’t just a rough? I can’t recall. If not, I need to.


I sketched this up right after President Biden’s speech for voting rights. He said you either stand with Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lewis, or you stand with Jefferson Davis, Bull Conner, and George Wallace. The Republicans backing Trump’s white nationalist goons who attacked the Capitol howled in protest. I made this into a cartoon for my newspaper clients.

This was the first cartoon I sent to my editor. When we start the process each week, I usually kick it off by sending a rough and then we go from there. I never have much expectation the first idea will be chosen as I don’t know what our subject will be at that point.

Which of these are your faves? Don’t be shy.

Music Note: I didn’t listen to anything while drawing these roughs. My TV was on CNN.

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Watch me draw: 



  1. Not that I necessarily like the cartoon but the one about Covid not being an occupational hazard. Tell that to my MANY coworkers who have been out over the last month and continuing into February, I’m sure. I work retail and it makes it harder for those of us who show up and are now working more hours than they want. Thanks, germy public for ignoring mask mandates and sloppy coworkers who don’t wear a mask properly.


  2. My favorite of this batch is Fauci pointing out the people who are not doctors shouldn’t be making Pandemic decisions. I can’t believe he’s hanging in there to do his job to protect us in spite of the “morons” who are sending death threats to him and his family.


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