Fun With Teachers Unions


This is not a fight between rational people who follow science and want to protect children and Republican troglodytes who are against science, mask mandates, vaccines, and villainize scientists and educators.

Chicago Teachers Union voted to return to remote learning this week, shutting down public schools and sending over 330,000 students back to remote learning. This also sent hundreds of thousands of parents scrambling to balance between being a parent and their full-time jobs.

In Florida, they battle over mask mandates in schools and mandating vaccines. This is not the case.

In Chicago, over 90 percent of public school teachers are vaccinated. Even with the omicron variant spreading through the nation, those fully vaxxed are very unlikely to be hospitalized if they catch COVID. Chicago’s public schools require indoor masking and are also distributing high-quality N95 masks in its schools. The federal government has given public schools over $200 billion to make them safe.

Shutting down schools and going to remote learning was the right thing to do in 2020 and parts of 2021, but it had a damaging effect on our children. We can not take school away from them again, especially since we don’t have to.

Cases in children are rising, but while 830,000 people have died from COVID in this country, only about 1,000 of them have been children.

I know the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control can be confusing, but they recommend that schools remain open. President Joe Biden is on the side of kids staying in schools.

I think our first reaction when it comes to protecting kids is to shut down schools. I also think a liberal’s first reaction is to shut them down when they hear a teachers union make that call. And tribalists are quick to argue for their side’s position before they do any reading on the issue. but read on this. Talk to an actual teacher instead of the teachers’ unions.

The science still says to keep kids in schools.

Creative note: Sorry for the short blog but my power is out again and I’m trying to preserve battery life on my devices. I also have my CNN deadline today, so I may be moving my work to a Dunks or a Starbucks. This latest outage doesn’t make any fucking sense and I’m pissed. The rest of my neighborhood has power. I also didn’t fully charge my phone before going to bed last night. Dominion Energy, this is bullshit.

Music note: My power is out so I didn’t listen to any music while drawing this cartoon as I was trying to save battery power on all my devices.

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  1. Education can take a vacation. Children do not need to be taught RIGHT NOW! Give them a month or two to stay home and have fun, just be kids. When Omicron settles down, then education can be restarted safely.
    I do not know what the hell is wrong with people! Just because we were forced to go to school to become bricks in a wall, or cogs on a wheel, does not mean we have to put our children at risk. They can still be educated three months from now, or whenever.
    And as Loomis said above, only 1000 kids have died! Give your head a shake! Adults at least understand what is going on. Kids, not so much. To send our children into a Covid Soup Bowl is abandoning our responsibilities as adults. WAKE UP WORLD!
    Just a question, how many children have died world-wide? Does anyone even know? Is the future economy more important than our lives right now? I don’t think so.

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  2. All right so the teachers and staff have been vaccinated what about the students and they’re younger siblings still at home?

    Hasn’t the rate of pediatric infections in your area drastically increased since the holidays?

    They certainly have where I live.

    And it shouldn’t be just about dying! People completely ignore the fact that even mild cases can leave survivors with long lasting debilitating health issues affecting that only the quality of life, but their future ability to work, and medical expenses.

    As a reference, if you don’t like my source there are plenty others out there.


  3. “ Dominion Energy, this is bullshit.”

    Careful Clay, considering how touchy Dominion Voting Systems has been lately, it might be a knee-jerk reaction for them to slap a lawsuit on anyone who disparages anything with “Dominion” in its name. 😉


  4. Respectfully disagree here, Clay. A large percentage of the CPS’s students are from groups that have low vaccination rates, primarily the Black and Hispanic/Latinx communities. The teachers know this, and Mayor Lightfoot knows this. Sure, most teachers are vaccinated, but consider the unvaccinated -for whatever reason- families of the children. i know from experience working in and around grade schools that children are great little disease vectors. Also consider that Omicron isn’t the only variant making the rounds in Chicago, Is remote learning inconvenient? Sure, and yes it is a hardship for many families to arrange their lives around it, but COVID infections are an even greater- and occasionally deadly “inconvenience.” i also find the phrase “only 1000” children dying hard to accept- having heard it and similar stats from the anti-vaxxer crowd.


  5. Throughout this pandemic, I have followed CDC guidelines. I’m am consistent as I’m still following those guidelines. As for the line about only 1,000 kids’ deaths, I apologize. I should have elaborated to make my point but I was running out of battery power and that was a bad spot to leave hanging. Again, I’m sorry for that.
    I’m fine with everyone disagreeing with me on this (as if I have a say about that) as I’m mixed on it too. This is not an easy black-and-white issue and I’m not tackling it like a partisan. I like the cartoon better than my blog.

    I still believe kids should be in schools. I trust the CDC more than I trust you. Wait. Isn’t that what we’ve been telling Republicans? Hmm.


  6. I support the schools going remote to support the teachers, the education system is vastly underfunded and does not support the teachers.

    Overcrowding, sick children still coming to school, lack of sick days, lack of hygiene(one sink for 30+kids).
    Schools and teachers need to be better funded.


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