Roughs, Volume 98

This batch was drawn on my iPad in Procreate so there are videos of them for you to look forward to. How exciting is that?


I kinda liked this one.


I don’t think this one worked as well. You have to understand the Republican picks for the January 6 Committee will be poo-flinging monkeys…OK, maybe it does work.


And then I got into a zone of throwing people off ledges of tall buildings. I was thinking, just how non-relevant is LinkedIn when Donald Trump doesn’t sue it?


As I said, I got into a throwing-people-off-buildings zone. I don’t know why I drew this one with a thinner line.


After drawing this idea to submit to CNN, I thought there might be a better way to do it. This was the very first idea I submitted to them last week…and the one they liked the most.


So I changed it to this concept, but then I thought I may be overdoing it with the signs…so I just removed a few of them. But instead of telling my editor how it should look…


…I went ahead and roughed it out again so she could see exactly what I had in mind. She dug it and I made sure each sign was the same in the final version, so they wouldn’t think I was being sneaky. By the way, there really are welcome mats you can purchase that say “nope.” I guess they’re un-welcome mats. I want one but I’m afraid it’ll chase away people delivering stuff.


I did this cartoon last week and didn’t intend for this to be the rough. I was trying to get a head start on the next day so I drew this part the night before. After I felt I got enough of a head start, I sat up in bed with my laptop in my lap while watching TV and I looked at this cartoon again on the different screen…and hated the drawing. So, I got up and did it again.


And I hated this one too. I sent both of them to be proof-read and then I trashed them. I went back and saved both of them from Facebook Messenger (you can do that) and decided to post them with a collection of roughs. I started all over again the next morning, so I didn’t get my head start.

Unfortunately, trashing these two versions in Procreate also trashed the videos, so these two aren’t included in the video below. 

Which of these roughs are your faves?

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Watch me draw:


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