Roughs, Volume 83

It’s time to check out some roughs from the week before…and a few from weeks before that.


I watched the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan. The show was over at 10:00 P.M. and I was looking to go to bed. But, I wanted an idea on it first. I got the idea at midnight and scratched this out. But I couldn’t go to bed. I had to go ahead and draw the cartoon for my clients, most of whom will probably never run it. Also, Buckingham Palace is kinda hard to draw. I did some Googling since I’ve never been there.


I drew this rough last Friday and went ahead and posted it on social media to have some fun. I knew I wasn’t going to make an official cartoon from it. Then, another accuser came out Monday and I started to wish I hadn’t shared this yet. But I had drawn enough potatoes over the past week and the Pepe Le Pew thing had just happened, so I went with Pepe. Still, I liked this idea a lot.


This isn’t a great idea but the point is awesome.


I drew this mostly to screw with my editor at CNN. It was drawn three days before the interview. Three days before we knew what revelations would be dropped.


Again, before I saw the interview. And I know…that’s a terrible version of Kermit. In hindsight, this cartoon would have been the wrong cartoon.


This is what we went with for CNN. I dug it.


I kinda like this and I kinda don’t. I do like drawing raccoons. 


I took this idea…


And I combined it with this idea for the cartoon on voter suppression that ran today. That all came to me this morning at four A.M.


I kinda liked this one.


I liked this one too and it became a real cartoon which was published last Saturday. It was fun to draw a Halloween cliché in March, which probably means it’s not a cliché. 


I drew this about a month ago and I’ve kept it in my open idea folder thinking one day soon, I could use it. I was waiting on a slow news days but I haven’t had one yet. So now, I’m giving it up and presenting it to you as a rough. Good bye, idea. You didn’t totally suck.

Remember when Larry Flynt died and I told you I had a rough I was never going to show you? Well, never say “never.” Now, I think enough time has passed to reveal it. Are you ready? Warning: It’s not as bad as you’re expecting it to be.


See? Now was that so bad? This was not pulled because of the bare bum. It was pulled, on the advice of one of my proofers, that it was an insult to handicapped people. And that’s not what I was going for so I pulled it.

Which of these roughs are your favorites?

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  1. I never watch the Larry Flynt movie, because ignorance is alarming enough. I don’t want to know the clusterfuck details.


  2. RE: The Larry Flynt comic. My first thought was not that it was an insult to the ‘differently challenged’ folk, but those evangelists who 1) convince someone s/he is cured [can walk]; and also 2) convince their ‘followers’ that drumpf is still president and will return to his “rightful place on America’s throne” (I’m not making up that phrase, BTW). These folks are still all over YouTube, albeit not quite so much as previously.


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