De Joy of Child Detainment


There is a difference between Donald Trump throwing kids into cages and Joe Biden keeping them in “shelters.” Donald Trump had a policy of separating families. That may not be the Biden policy, but what is Biden’s excuse for the thousands of children being held in these “shelters?”

Friday, White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said about the places where children are being held, “I would describe it as a place where we keep kids — who are under the age of 18 and taking a treacherous journey into this country — safe.”

Florida Senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott both chastised the Biden administration since one of these shelters is in Miami-Dade County. Rubio said, “Now it’s the Democrats who are putting kids in cages.” Marco, being one the dumbest senators in the Senate didn’t realize he admitted Trump was putting kids in cages. Rick Scott, who never criticized the Trump administration’s family separation policy, said, “What a bunch of hypocrites these Democrats are.”

The facility in Homestead, Florida was closed by the Trump administration in 2019, but is now being reopened by the Biden administration. It’s also a for-profit facility. Someone is making a profit off child detainment during the Biden administration. A facility in Texas closed by the Trump administration will also be reopening soon.

These shelters are designed to be temporary, but the children usually end up staying longer than policy or the law allows. These facilities are often unsanitary and are major health risks.

Didn’t we vote against this?

The number of unaccompanied minors arriving in this nation has increased in recent weeks. After arriving, mostly from Central America, they are quarantined for ten days because of the coronavirus pandemic, then shuttled to shelters around the country. Border Patrol says they intercepted more than 2,000 last week alone. There are fears the record set in May 2019, when over 11,000 arrived, will be broken this month.

The goal is to send these children to relatives in this country, but many will be fostered after being detained for months. A lot of these children arrive with names, addresses, and phone numbers of relatives in the United States. Even though they have contact information and a place to go, they’re still held for months in these “temporary” shelters. And often during this time, the contact information is lost and the government can’t find the child’s relatives.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said, “This is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay — no matter the administration or party.”

The main problem here is that children are being kept in “temporary” shelters longer than legally allowed. Many of the shelters are tents. Remember when the racist Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio (before he was arrested himself, charged, then pardoned by Trump because it was a great way to appeal to racists), was keeping prisoners in tents that human rights organizations said were inhumane? If keeping prisoners in tents in the desert is inhumane, then maybe we shouldn’t do it to kids. Also, Border Patrol is NOT the agency that is supposed to be keeping these children for long periods of time.

Neha Desai, director of immigration at the National Center for Youth Law in Oakland, California said, “Children must be swiftly transferred to state-licensed shelters for children, as required by law, and not detained for weeks in Border Patrol facilities that are fundamentally inappropriate and unsafe for children.”

Two things the Trump administration was good at losing: Migrant children and your mail. Joe Biden needs to fix both. As it is now, he’s still stuck with some Trump fuckery.

Louis DeJoy, the idiot Donald Trump had placed in charge of the Post Office, said he’s not leaving and Biden can’t fire him. Only the board can fire DeJoy, which is currently controlled by Trump appointees. Get this: During the Obama years, the Republican Senate refused to fill open seats on the board nominated by President Obama, then after Trump because president, they jammed all his appointees in. Now, Louis DeJoy, a fucknut Trump campaign donor who probably doesn’t know which side of a stamp to lick, is doing everything he can to demolish the United States Post Office.

President Joe Biden needs to do everything he can to demolish all remnants of the Trump legacy, including within the postal service and immigration.

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  1. Has Biden gone insane? Or is he just unable to cope with the number of messes he inherited from the still an iDJiT. I don’t care what semantics he uses, caging children is still caging children, and paying some company to do it is worse than anything Trumpelstiltorangeskin ever did! Where is the kindness, where the compassion!
    Where the humanity!

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  2. The progressives are at their strongest when they denounce correctional practices. Trusting living souls to profit-driven contractors is what led to pardons for the Blackwater murderers in Iraq. In a for-profit corporation, someone who vaguely grasps the mission and helps contain costs is perfectly acceptable. All for-profit detention facilities should be operated by government authorities.

    The postmaster general is horrible for businesses, which is what the Nazi Republicans have come to. He could drive the Postal Service to dissolution and implosion, and still be no worse than the unemployed game show host.


  3. President Joe is doing what he can to clean up the mess he inherited, but we have to keep things in perspective– He’s one month into fixing a mess that has been going on for 4 years. In addition, we have to pressure congress to pass his reforms so he can fix the deeper issues with the immigration system.

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