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I drew this cartoon before Sidney Powell was fired as Trump’s lawyer…from which they claim she was never his lawyer…or the campaign’s lawyer. Honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t retreaded the coffee fetcher line yet. Yet.

There’s a LOT of speculation which crazy shit she said that got her ditched by the crazy folks. This is like the team of Misfit Toys…if the Misfit Toys were stupid and racist. I mean, dear God, Rudy is still a part of the team. This guy sweats oil during press conferences…and conducts them next to dildo shops. So, what did poor crazy lunatic Sidney say that got her shitcanned? Good question and let’s explore.

Rudy has pushed debunked conspiracy theory after debunked conspiracy theory yet, he remains on the team that now says Sidney Powell was never a part of it or ever a legal representative for Donald Trump. You know the team that Donald Trump said included Sidney Powell. The team that Rudy said he was leading with Sidney Powell. The team that held a press conference last week that gave Sidney Powell speaking time at the podium with Rudy standing and sweating black goop behind her. So what’d Sidney say that got her ditched?

Was it her claim that Donald Trump won the election in a “landslide?” As preposterous and ludicrous as that claim is, no. That didn’t get her fired. Donald Trump liked that claim.

Was it her claim that George Soros was a part of the group stealing the election? Nah. Donald Trump has claimed George Soros was funding immigrant caravans even as he said he didn’t have any proof. He wouldn’t care about Sidney blaming Soros. Also, Soros is Jewish. Unless they’re Jared or Israel, Trump doesn’t like Jews.

Was it her claim the election was being stolen by globalists? Of course not. Donald Trump is anti-Semitic. See paragraph above. He retweets Nazis and once tweeted an image of bags of cash and a bunch of Stars of David.

Was it the crazy shit that the Clinton Foundation was stealing the election from Trump? No. Donald Trump has spouted his own lies about the Clintons and their foundation…while he was stealing from his foundation.

Was it the claim the deceased Hugo Chavez designed the voting systems and it’s all a communist plot from nations like Venezuela, Cuba, and China (but not communist North Korea)? No. It’s just another crazy conspiracy theory. Rudy has those. Trump began his political career with dumber ones.

Was it her claim that voting machines changed votes from Trump into votes for Biden? Nope. Rudy has made that same claim…and so has Trump.

Was it her claim that Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia and a long-time Trump supporter helped steal the election for Joe Biden? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The thing is, Kemp is a Trump supporter. A very loyal Trump supporter. If anything, he’s worked diligently to disenfranchise black voters in Georgia to help Republicans. He’s on Trump’s side. And, there are two Senate runoffs in January in Georgia. A lot of Republicans are already pissed at the GOP establishment because the Georgia secretary of state, a Republican, did his job and counted more votes for Joe Biden than for Trump. Some Republicans are actually threatening to boycott the election after Georgia went blue for Biden. I just like typing that. Georgia went blue for Biden. I’m done.

The other thing is, Sidney was being criticized by Republicans. Chris Christie and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst went after her. Republicans aren’t going after Rudy which you think they would.

Finally, Tucker Carlson went after her…and she went after him. Tucker is another MAGAt. She said Tucker was rude. She might as well had left a bag of burning turds on Sean Hannity’s doorstep…which is probably a common thing, so she’d have to write her name on the bag.

She wasn’t ditched for being ridiculous. This president (sic) hires ridiculous people to be his spokesgoons (Spicer, Huckasans, McEnany). Rudy is ridiculous except Rudy has been a Trump friend for decades and has pissed away his legacy and reputation for Trump. Also, Rudy’s not a woman. He has a penis. If you don’t believe me, ask his cousinwife.

Goodbye, Sidney. Thank you for lasting long enough for me to get a couple cartoons out of you. Let me know if you’ll be back. I have a lot of ink for crazy nut cases like you, you fun lunatic.

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