Live Blog 2020


The tradition continues, kids. This year, it’s coming to you live from Washington, DC. I am a short walk from the the White House. The only thing between me and it are a few blocks, thousands of cops, military, Secret Service agents, attack dogs, and a huge chain link fence.

Tonight, I’ll be sitting in my hotel room and posting quick sketches of breaking news as results pour in. Occasionally, I’ll venture outside and report what’s going on in the streets.

Here are the details for tonight’s show:

Time: I don’t know. It’ll start when it starts.

Location: Washington, DC (somewhere near the White House).

Number of posts and cartoons: I don’t know.

Where you can see it: Here at Updates will also be made on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. Follow me on each platform. Links are on the right-hand side of this page.

How you can see it: Subscribe to claytoonz. There’s a link on the right. Supposedly, you’ll receive an email for each new post. You can stay on this page and refresh all night or you can watch one of my social media pages and hit refresh all night.

Time it will be over: I don’t know.

Time Clay will lose his mind: Sometime between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Should I bother Clay by sending him emails and direct messages while he’s working? No. You should not do that but some people will do it anyway.

Can I comment on each post? Yes and please. All comments are welcomed and encouraged. I love hearing from you when I don’t have to reply.

Can I curse? Yes. All curse words are welcomed and encouraged.

Will there be sandwiches? Yes but not for you.

When will Clay sleep? Never.

Tip Jar: if you want to support the live blog, please send a donation through PayPal to You can also snail it to P.O. Box 9103, Fredericksburg, VA 22403.


  1. I wasn’t going to watch any coverage this year but will watch for your posts. I’m still stunned by 2016. Thanks for doing this.


  2. Shucks. Now I’ll have to make my own sandwich using the popular Sideshow Donnie ingredients: White Bread, loads of Bologna and a secret Rusian Dressing.


  3. Just flew home (back to Mexico) got out of Texas, just in time! Taking a room at the airport hotel to see your blog and be there for YOU! 5 hour drive home tomorrow into Hurricane ETA. .Mother Nature will not give us a break…she will be VERY angry if a Climate President does NOT win…Go Clay, have Fun!!


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