Election Day

Holiday Power Grab


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has no shame. The man isn’t afraid of exhibiting blatant hypocrisy. He’s not ashamed of stealing power. He’s not ashamed of preventing bills from being voted on. He’s not ashamed of changing the rules to put the least acceptable people on the Supreme Court. He’s not ashamed of stealing a Supreme Court seat. Most of all, He’s not ashamed of being the leader of the United States Senate while doing all he can to suppress the people’s choice that puts the leader in place. This is why people yell at him in restaurants. Plus, he looks like a tortoise and those things shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants.

This week, he accused Democrats of a “power grab” when they presented a bill to make Election Day a paid federal holiday.

Voting on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November is a United States tradition. It’s also a relic of a bygone era, like the Electoral College. You would have thought we’d have gotten rid of one of those things when we got rid of slavery. Most developed nations hold elections on weekends or have made them national holidays. Most developed nations encourage as many eligible voters to vote as possible. Republicans hate that. Republicans prefer lower turnouts on Election Day. Most Republicans are still in a plantation-state-of-mind.

McConnell is right. It is a “power grab.” But, Election Day is supposed to be a power grab by the people. Our leaders should be elected by the majority vote, not by acreage which is what the Electoral College does. It’s also how we’re represented in the Senate which is why Republicans control it.

McConnell is not opposed to all “power grabs.” He’s not opposed to gerrymandering. He’s not opposed to voters being purged, like what happened in Georgia for the last election. He’s not opposed to wanky new rules preventing Native Americans from voting, like what happened in North Dakota in the last election. He’s not opposed to towns like Dodge City, Kansas moving their voting precinct outside the city limits. He’s not opposed to African-American students at Prairie View A&M being given the wrong information on where to vote. He’s not even opposed to Russian meddling to help elect a Republican president. He’s not opposed to that Republican candidate colluding with the Russians.

McConnell and Republicans fear a large turnout on Election Day because more Americans vote Democratic, that is when they bother to vote. According to a 2014 Pew Survey, 51 percent of non-voters lean toward Democrats.

Since 2000, Democrats have only won the House when they won a majority of the vote nationwide. In 2018, they won over 53 percent of the House vote. In 2012, Republicans got fewer votes for the House than Democrats, but they still retained the chamber. When Republicans made massive gains in 1994 and 2010, they got more seats than Democrats did in 2018, though with a smaller percentage of the vote.

Republicans actually gained seats in the Senate while losing the vote to Democrats by over 12 million. They even control the White House despite receiving fewer votes than the Democratic candidate thanks to the Electoral College and Vladimir Putin.

Republicans fear an equal playing field. I’ve actually heard Republicans argue that they should receive more representation since more people vote Democratic. They love to display maps showing how Red the country is, ignoring that the majority of that red space is lowly-populated areas, like Kansas and Nebraska. Republicans think grass should have more representation than black people.

When every citizen of this nation has an equal vote, Republicans will lose. The majority of this nation is tired of Republicans and their bullshit. They’re tired of a party that only cares about white, male, Christian, and rich greedy bastards. They’re tired of a party that has more deference to Russia than to patriotism.

Most of all, they’re afraid of what they screamed about during the Obama era, people taking their country back.

McConnell and Republicans should be making voting easier, not harder. But they won’t do that because their ideas can’t compete with those of Democrats. We won’t have a nation for the people by the people until we get rid of the old guys who favor representation by corporations and lobbies that don’t care if your toddler gets shot at preschool.

Democracy could be a beautiful thing if we ever try it. So would kicking Mitch McConnell to the curb, which would be much more beneficial than screaming at him in a restaurant.

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The Morning After


I am drawing for the days after the election. As I wrote yesterday, the window for election cartoons is closed. I still might do something on Jim Comey as that’ll probably be discussed beyond Tuesday.

I know you’re on Facebook. Everyone is on Facebook. I have friends whose dogs are on Facebook. Those dogs might be the only members of the social media community who haven’t unfriended someone over political beliefs.

There’s been a lot of talk about people unfriending and blocking others for disagreeing. I have seen people post “if you’re voting for Trump unfriend me now.” I think that’s extreme. Personally I want to know the arguments of people I disagree with, even the most hateful and vile people. I want to know what they’re saying. If they’re really stupid and engage in conspiracy theories I tend to ignore them. If there’s one good thing about social media and this election is that now you know which of your friends are racists. And to think before all this all you had were suspicions.

Despite my open mindedness toward people I disagree with I have had to block a few people. Not so much because they disagree but for other reasons. I blocked one person for constantly bombing my wall with memes and harassing my friends. I had to block a couple others for similar reasons. And I block people who tag me in those stupid Ray-Ban ads but that doesn’t count (someone once put a porn picture on my wall too which had to go). But usually I’m the one who is unfriended. I have been unfriended a lot. Conservative cartoonists have been unfriending me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Donald Trump announced he was running for president. You name the cartoonist, yeah he’s probably unfriended and blocked me. In their defense I am kind of a jerk.

I have two sisters and neither are my friends on Facebook but in my defense they’re both insane (still love them). I’ve heard of a lot of other people who can’t talk to family members right now which makes me feel a little better (I still have my big brother, son, and several nieces and nephews who probably never read this blog). My best friend from high school, who is still married to the woman I introduced him to, has unfriended me (and I never even talked to him about this election). However, his wife is still my friend. A friend I’ve known for 16 years and who I helped move once unfriended me a couple days ago (he was always kind of a stupid baby about everything anyway. And he likes Nickelback so no big loss there). There’s probably a dozen others I’m not even aware of. At some point I’ll think of someone and wonder how come I never see their posts anymore and then figure it out. I didn’t even know one of my sisters had blocked me until the other texted to inform me (neener neener). But this election has brought me more readers, friends, and fans. I look forward to many years of annoying them.

To my Facebook friends who’ve argued with me and have remained mature enough not to unfriend, thank you. I’m sure we’ll bicker in the future. I don’t get angry or take it personal with stuff like that. I can argue with you and then share a sandwich together. A few of my Republican friends can vouch for that. One of them helped me set up this website and he knew I was going to use it to publish godless liberal cartoons drawn for heathens. He also fed me ribs that night. Nice guy.

But you know what? If you don’t want to talk to people you disagree with about politics then maybe you shouldn’t talk about politics. Don’t make political posts if you don’t want knuckleheads coming in and disagreeing with you. And if you don’t like seeing what your friends post, then don’t join the conversation. Move on with your life. Just keep scrolling. There are plenty of selfies, food and cat pictures on social media (which annoys me more than any pro Trump posts). Seriously, people. How come that crap hasn’t gotten old to you yet? I’m not interested in your fascination with your face, your cat, and unless you’re buying me lunch I really don’t need to see a picture of it.

But come Wednesday morning, call your mom. Call your dad. Call your crazy uncle. Call your brother. Call your sister. Well…you might wanna give the sisters a few more extra days (in my case, years). Actually, if they supported Trump they’re really not going to be in a good mood for a while so you might wanna give them a month….or two…..just forget it. They’ll call you.

Then buy them a sandwich.

Psst. There’s a few Easter eggs in this cartoon. Give yourself ten points if you can find one.

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