Roughing It, Volume 64

Can you believe there’s been 64 of these things? I’ve been drawing roughs my entire career. It’s just now that I’ve decided to blog most of them. Once, back when I drew all these on copy paper, I got tired of them building up in my office at The Free Lance-Star, and threw away about a decade of old drawings.


There are some really cool details about how this came about to become the cartoon for CNN Opinion’s newsletter last Sunday. I can’t give you all the deets but I will tell you that the concept wasn’t my idea.


I created a few on the Alice in Wonderland theme and we almost went with different one, but we came back to this. I thought it was OK until I really got into the drawing…and then I loved doing it. I thought it turned into something that might be kinda brilliant by accident. I didn’t even know if that Trump/Cat thing would work out.


This was my favorite from last week…maybe. I don’t know. But, it’s weird, strange, and something no one else would be weird enough to think of. That’s why I like these kind of ideas.


I followed it the next day with another cartoon that was multiple panels with a lot of words. I gotta say, lettering this much is brutal.


This is weird too but it wasn’t as popular on social media as the other two really weird ones from last week. But it still did well.


And then I added to it.


This was me trying to get a handle on the Alice concept. I was struggling.


This was my first stab.


I liked this one but damn. I’ve been drawing a lot of Trump in graveyards lately.


This was me working my way to the right idea. This wasn’t summing it up well enough.


I was still working my way toward it.


This sucks.


I kinda liked this one. Ya’ see, it’s Woodward and Deep Throat in a 2020 parking garage and…never mind.


This was just OK.

Which are your faves?

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