Roughing It, Volume 63

Time for roughs from last week.

I might be the only cartoonist in the world who enjoys drawing crowds.

CNN picked this for their opinion newsletter.

And I forgot to put “MAGA” on the caps. D’oh! It’s not the first time.

I really liked this one so I went with it.

This got a lot of play on social media, and about as much as the new Facebook format would allow.

The hits to my site are way down since Facebook redesigned which means Facebook is preventing people from seeing my posts (probably because they want to pay to promote the posts). And, they did it at the same time WordPress did a redesign. I hate both of them.

And WordPress, in case you’re reading this, I think the new format for posting is pointless. The site looks the same but creating each blog post requires more steps. It’s very cumbersome and it makes me hate you which you already know from the email I sent with all the F-bombs.

Sorry for that rant. Let’s move on.

And, before it only took two steps to post an image. Now it takes five. I’m sorry. I’ll move on now. This rough was withheld from you last week because I thought I’d draw it this week. I didn’t. So, let me post it for you here now. I still may go back and do it. So, prepare for maybe seeing it again in a finished cartoon.

I think this might be the one rough that’s everyone’s favorite. We’ll see.

Now this is a little cumbersome.

I knew I wasn’t going to finish this but it was fun. I did a full-color sketch of Trump in his high heels and predicted other cartoonists would start including them. Last week, I saw one by Bill Bramhall from The New York Daily News. No, he didn’t copy me. He’s the kind of cartoonist who catches things like that. I’m a fan.

I kinda dug this one.

Those flapping bat goons are supposed to be Rudy and Stephen Miller. This one still makes me laugh. I just realized it reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where he does this to a vampire.

OK. Which cartoons is your favorite?


  1. “Dark Shadows” – I immediately thought of the 1960s sitcom of the same name. Thanks for that memory.

    I’m on a list called Comics I Don’t Understand (CIDU), where we discuss . . . comics. Anyway, the moderator or creator or whatever you’re called now also HATES WP, for the same reason(s) as you do, but no one’s found a better site to use.

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    1. The problem for me about leaving WP is that I’m invested. It would take a LOT of work to move all of this to a new site. And if I got someone else to do it, it’d be very expensive and I probably wouldn’t be totally happy with it. Also, I made money with WP. Not a lot of money and if controlled the ads, I could probably make more. But still, it’s something I don’t have to worry about. But the reason I use WP is because it’s easy…or was. If I find something easier and less cumbersome for me and my readers, and I can move all this…Buy-bye, WordPress.

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  2. “ The hits to my site are way down since Facebook redesigned which means Facebook is preventing people from seeing my posts (probably because they want to pay to promote the posts). And, they did it at the same time WordPress did a redesign. I hate both of them.”

    Maybe the Facebook Redesign was meant to mess with links to WordPress because… competition.

    And maybe the WordPress Redesign was meant to counter the Facebook Redesign… but it didn’t work because… incompetence.

    BTW, the WordPress Redesign DID screw up the Notifications Bell Icon at the Right End of their Toolbar, so… Mission Accomplished!!!

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    1. For several weeks now, I’ve been getting email alerts about ClayToonz hours, if not a day or so, after each publication. I used to get them as the cartoon went online. I now have to check (not that I’m complaining) every hour or two to see if there’s been a new one published. I don’t know if that’s a WP issue (it hasn’t occurred with CIDU, also on WP), so maybe it’s some other issue.

      Nothing good ever stays that way.

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      1. About your email alerts… I just noticed that I was NOT Following Claytoonz… which is BS because Claytoonz was the only reason I got involved with WordPress to begin with… maybe that happened to you too?


  3. Can someone tell me what the high heels reference? I’m going to guess Trump was caught wearing “lifts”. I hate the man for soooo many reasons, but I will give to him that he is in fact tall. With his slouching and his age he has probably lost a few inches. On top of that his still growing 14 year old son in taller than him. I’m amazed he hasn’t mandated only short people stand next to him.

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  4. “Nope – I’m still following, just quite a bit farther behind than previously.”

    Well, I unfollowed, then followed again, and today’s notification came right in when the comic was posted. Progress!


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