Roughing It, Volume 60

It’s time for a big batch of roughs, kids. Here’s a creative note for you. All of these were drawn in Mississippi on my ex-wife’s and her husband’s dining room table. I still have bug bites on my feet and legs. I am never living in the deep south again.


When I write and draw, there’s no one else around. When I’m staying with people, or they’re staying with me, I have to adjust to that. I’m like, “AAGH! People!” Creative people are weird. And I used to work in a newsroom where nobody ever shuts up. But, while in Mississippi, I didn’t have any problems. It helps if the other people you’re around are as creative and weird as you are.

My editor picked an idea early and off I went.


And we landed on this.


This was the first version which was without Trump as the mailbox/drop box. It was more fun as a Trump drop box.


This is actually from earlier in this week and was drawn in Virginia. I chose between this and another idea that was similar on the MyPillow asshole. Either way, I was drawing a sex demon. This works better with the demon saying, “Nightmares or loooovemares?”


Before I started with all the mail cartoons, I was working on something with Kamala Harris as she had just been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate a couple days before. I kinda liked this but it makes me feel bad for the pigs.


I drew this one in Mississippi. I told my ex, Chelle, that it was only fitting for me to draw a cartoon with a Klansman while in Mississippi.


The finished cartoon. By the way, this has been coming up again this week, but it’s not a lie that Donald Trump praised Nazis. Fight me.


I thought this one was OK.


I don’t know why I did this one but it still makes me laugh. I do recall there was a tweet from Herman Cain’s twitter account despite the fact he’s not alive anymore. The “braaaaaiiins” line gets me every time.


This one doesn’t work but the Republicans are still trying to figure out their attack on Kamala. Right now they’re trying to slut shame her because she had a boyfriend two decades ago.


Honestly, this is kinda stupid but you Seinfeld fans will appreciate it. For the record, I don’t think Kamala Harris has man hands but hey, neither does Trump.


Then I got to the mail stuff. This is the warm-up idea. It’s the kind of thing I’ll throw in the bullpen that another cartoonist would throw from the mound. I just came up with that egotistic analogy. Also, it’s really hard to draw circles and ovals.


I wouldn’t want anybody to know I had a subscription to Cat Fancy. Thong Fancy, maybe.


Still with the Cat Fancy. You know, if cats could read, they’d never read a magazine about people. There would be no People Fancy.


I wasn’t sure about the stamp idea as I’ve seen a few other cartoonists do it. But then again, every cartoonist in the nation has drawn the drop box idea.


But I played around with it. My editor and I both went back and forth on this one and at the end of the day, we didn’t pick it. 


None of them worked out but if this was in full color, I think it would’ve been OK.


This was just OK.


I kept working on it.


When I was on my way back to Virginia, I was planning this one out in my head to draw on Monday morning. But around Chicago, I decided to do the “say their names” cartoon. If you don’t remember that one, you’ll have to go back through my blog. I did plan to draw this one but it just never happened. I still like it. I may go back to it so if you see it later, pretend you didn’t the rough.

Which are your faves?

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      1. Chiggers or fleas? Inside?? Or were you out in fields and yards? I’m so curious because, living in FL, I’ve never had bites on feet and legs (the occasional fire ant, but only one at a time).

        Liked by 1 person

  1. They seem like chiggers. It wasn’t long grass, but I was on the grass Saturday for a BBQ while wearing slip-on Skechers. I didn’t notice the bites until after I got home. That was weird.

    Liked by 1 person

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