Season of Darkness


In his speech accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency of the United States, Joe Biden said he’ll be an “ally of the light” and said, “Make no mistake, united we can and will overcome this season of darkness in America.”

Donald Trump retorted it was the “darkest and gloomiest convention in American history” This from the guy who gave the “American carnage” inauguration speech.

I guess Donald Trump missed the part of the convention where a child spoke of Biden helping him overcome his stutter. Hell, Donald Trump would have made fun of that child’s handicap.

Or maybe, Donald Trump missed the part where people who have lost loved ones talked about a time when meeting Joe Biden, he would give them his phone number.

Or maybe Donald Trump missed the part where Joe Biden talked about Jill Biden rebuilding his family. Maybe Trump missed Hunter and Ashley, Biden’s children, talking about their brother Beau. Maybe Trump missed the part where they ran tape of Beau talking about his father.

Maybe Donald Trump missed the part where Kamala Harris’ step-daughter talked about her “Mamala.” Perhaps Donald Trump didn’t pay any attention to the excitement of the first Black and Asian woman nominated for the vice presidency from people who look like her.

Or maybe Donald Trump missed all the black, brown, red, yellow people mixed in with all the white ones. Maybe he missed all the LGBTQ mixed in with all the straights.

Most of all, he probably missed the roll call nominating Biden coming in from every state and territory showing the diversity of this great nation. Maybe it’s all the diversity he found “dark and gloomy.” Here’s something “dark and gloomy” for Trump supporters: You’re not the majority anymore.

Donald Trump missed a lot. He does that. He’s not big on comprehension. He’s still trying to figure out how to gauge testing per capita. If this convention really wanted Donald Trump’s attention, they would have posted photos of him every four seconds. But this convention wasn’t for Donald Trump. They weren’t talking to him.

Donald Trump doesn’t get these conventions aren’t about the candidates. They’re about the country. They’re about the people.

Donald Trump called the Democratic convention “gloomy.” Well, he and Republicans get their shot Monday. What kind of convention will Donald Trump have?

First off, they’re probably going to copy everything they can from the Democratic convention they can get away with. I wouldn’t be surprised if each state during the roll call works in something about calimari.

But I’m sure it won’t be dark and gloomy at all. I mean, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. A man who hired Mr. Happy Go-Lucky ray of sunshine Stephen Miller. There’s some pep in that goosestep.

We’re talking about the man who wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans and people Mexicanier than Mexicans. We’re talking about a guy who created a policy with the full intention of separating families apart. We’re talking about a guy who forced children to go to court…alone. This is a guy whose policies have killed children…yet didn’t stop it until a court forced him too. This is the man of the baby jails.

This is a man who yelled “send them back” about four American women who each just so happened to be dark-skinned.

This is a guy who says he doesn’t want people coming here from shithole countries.

This is a guy who has praised QAnon, the conspiracy theorist movement that the government is being secretly run by Satan worshiping cannibals who drink baby blood.

This is a guy who praised Nazis. OK, he didn’t say he was praising Nazis. He said the Nazis were bad, but there were good people marching with the Nazis with tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil.” Except…nobody walks with Nazis chanting about Jews and blood and soil. The people who march with Nazis are fucking Nazis. I mean, they’re not fucking the Nazis..they are Nazis. Well, they probably are fucking the Nazis too. Melania does. But I digress.

This is the guy who teargassed a peaceful crowd so he could walk to a church for a photo-op. This is the guy who sent secret police to cities to start riots.

I remember the Republican convention of 2016 and watching it required a shower immediately after each night. Which is OK but one should shower daily. If you’re a Trump supporter, I highly recommend it. Use soap. The biggest thing about their 2016 convention was that it was all about Trump. Quick! Name one policy detail discussed at that convention? Hell, name one real policy detail you expect at this one? Will they finally unveil the GOP healthcare plan? Probably not because they’ve only had a decade to work on it.

But that Donald Trump convention was just a shitfest of hate and a parade of troglodytes. Speaking of troglodyte parades. Who’s on the lineup for the 2020 Trump Shitfest?

Well, we have the couple from St. Louis who pointed guns at black people because they were walking down their street while being black. That’s just a big ole bucket of positivity right there.

Matt Gaetz will be there and is expected to speak. I wonder if he’ll have any comments about the teenage man he adopted.

The racist Covington kids will be there. You know, those MAGA hat-wearing private-school entitled rich kids who smirked in the face of Native Americans and gave the tomahawk chop while on a field trip in Washington.

No word yet if the MyPillow Guy or Dr. Demon Sperm will speak. But I hear Chachi will be there.

Donald Trump, the law-and-order president (sic) will actually be breaking the law during his acceptance speech. He plans to deliver it from the White House which is not legal. The White House is not supposed to be used politically. Even Melania will be breaking the law as she plans to deliver the speech she’s plagiarizing from Michelle Obama from the Rose Garden. Mike Pence will also deliver his speech from a federal memorial.

But, the darkest and gloomiest thing about the Republican convention will be Donald Trump. This is the most negative, hateful person to have ever entered American politics. His campaign is one of division, hate, racism, and us vs. them. This is the guy who tweeted out “white power.”

And the worst part is, I’m required to watch all of it.

I gotta buy more soap.

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  1. ‘. . . marching with the Nazis with tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil.” ‘

    I guess this is as good a place to ask this question as any: I did some reading about Stephen Miller and his wife. HE is the grandchild of immigrants who fled Belarus. JEWISH immigrants. SHE is a Conservative Jew. Does this, then, make them both Jewish Nazis? Or Nazi Jews?? As their child[ren] will be Jewish, will they hate their kid[s], too??? I CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS SELF-HATRED.

    Ahem. Sorry. Got carried away there.

    Also, thank you, Clay for watching the Four Days of Hell (a/k/a RNC) so we don’t have to. I’ll even pitch in $$ for some extra strong soap.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. This is hard-hitting stuff, and justifiably so.

    I was elated by the four-day Democratic convention, but I can’t subject myself to watching its dark opposition. I am hoping, however, that Melania’s speech writers lift just the right passages from Michelle’s wonderful warning to us!

    Re: Stephen Miller—I know of at least one family member who’s disavowed him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Don’t think soap, even pure lye soap, is strong enough to wash the vileness you will be covered in just from watching the RNC. Imagine having to participate in it? Will CLR be strong enough? Maybe an acid bath? To those Repuglycans out there, do not! try this at home. It would kill you. Believe me!
    Oh, you don’t believe anything coming out of an atheist’s mouth? Then don’t believe me! How confusing is that!?

    Liked by 2 people

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