Say All Their Names


A child was killed with a gun last Sunday and conservatives are rightly upset. They’re not upset Cannon Hinnant, who was just 5-years-old, was killed in his front yard in Wilson, North Carolina by a man with a gun. He was shot in the head by a neighbor who was friends with his father. If they’re not upset over him being killed with a gun, then what are they upset over?

Conservatives are not upset because the man wasn’t captured or because authorities refused to charge him. The suspect is currently being held without bond and many expect him to receive the death penalty.

Conservatives are upset that while the media ran stories about George Floyd, and who they say was a “thug” and was murdered by a cop, the media has refused to run stories about Cannon. Except the national media has run stories about Cannon.

Conservatives keep saying, “Say his name,” in response to Black Lives Matter protesters chanting, “Say his name” during their protests. Conservatives have taken “Say his name” and turned it into just another of their three-syllable hate chants like, “Lock her up,” “Build the wall,” “Send them back,” etc.

Conservatives are saying, “Say his name” for the little white boy killed by a black man. Conservatives are pushing a narrative that black people kill white people. It’s kinda like Donald Trump saying Mexico is sending us “rapists and murderers,” except now, Republicans are saying that black Americans are all murderers.

What I haven’t heard is outrage from the right over the gun. I haven’t heard anyone ask how the suspect acquired the gun. I haven’t even heard them ask what type of gun. It’s almost like Cannon was murdered with a gun but not with a gun. But when they finally get around to the gun aspect of this, they’ll probably argue that five-year-old Cannon would still be alive if only he had a gun.

Cannon was killed with a gun on August 9, 2020. Since that day, 15 other children have been killed by guns. When you see someone on social media post a meme about Cannon, ask them if they can say the name of any of the other 15 children killed by guns since Cannon’s murder? If they’re so upset about a child being murdered, then they’ll be able to say all 15 of those names in addition to Cannon’s. In case you’re a conservative, 15 plus 1 equals 16.

If your outrage isn’t solely based on racism and that the suspect is black, then say all their names. Better yet, why don’t you say all the names of the over 40,000 children killed by guns since 1999?

Are you trying to tell me the deaths of those children aren’t anything to be outraged about but Cannon’s is? Were all those children “crisis actors?” Was Cannon the first child to be murdered by a gun ever? I don’t recall you getting this upset over a child’s murder in the past. Where were those memes? What you’re refusing to acknowledge is that too many children are being killed by guns in this country.

In 2017, there were 144 police officers who died in the line of duty and about 1,000 active-duty military throughout the world who died. Whereas, in that same year, 2,462 school-age children were killed by your beloved guns. More children died from guns that cops, soldiers, and Marines combined. It’s more dangerous to be a child in the United States of America than it is to be a U.S. soldier in a war zone because of your cherished guns.

If you could bring Cannon back by giving up your gun, would you do it? No. You wouldn’t. You decided a long time ago that you can live with the death of school children to keep your gun. You decided the lives of children was a worthwhile sacrifice.

The truth is, you don’t give a damn about Cannon’s life. He’s just a political talking point to you. For you and your racist troglodyte Trump-supporting friends, Cannon is just a Facebook meme.

Again, why are you only upset about this ONE death out of over 40,000? If your outrage isn’t based on racism, then why aren’t you saying the other names?

If you’re upset over a child being murdered by a gun, then from this moment on, I demand that you create and post a meme for each new death of a child on a daily basis. Guess what. You’re going to be busy because it happens nearly every day. Hell, 2 died yesterday and 2 died the day before that. In case you’re a Republican, 2 plus 2 equals 4.

Say all their names unless you’re just saying the names of while kids killed by black people.

Say his name? Yes. Say his name. But say all their names.

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