Roughing It, Volume 52

Hey, kids. Can you believe it’s been a week since Donald Trump’s Tulsa hate rally? Each of these ideas was drawn out before the rally.


This one turned into a finalized cartoon.


Cartoonists always hate drawing grass and crowds…except for me.


I had this idea before the one I made a real cartoon out of.


I kinda like Trump as a bubble boy. I guess you can say Trump supporters are his Moops. Only a few of you will get that reference.


Looking at this one, I had to think…what? Now I see I was thinking of this as the entrance to the rally and these were banned items. Masks and Bolton-type mustaches. Yeah, not every idea is a winner.


This was supposed to be a petri dish but I think it turned out more like a canned ham. If this had worked, I think I would have really enjoyed drawing the teeny tiny crowd. As it turned out, the crowd was tiny.


Did I mention not every idea is a winner?


I wasn’t in love with this but I kinda liked it.

Seven ideas and only one was worth a shit. Do you agree or is there another one in here you like?

There will be another blog post of roughs tomorrow. There were so many, I decided to break them up.

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