(P)oodles of Corruption


Could the Trump administration at least put some effort into trying to cover up their corruption? Usually, when people in the government engage in some type of corruption, they either try to hide it or disguise it as something else. With Donald Trump and his poodles, they’re not even trying anymore. Quite frankly, that’s insulting. Back in the good old days, he would at least have one of his goons funnel payoff money to pornstars through a dummy corporation in Delaware.

When they fail to plan ahead and disguise their cronyism and corruption, they’re telling us they don’t have to hide it because Donald Trump is an infallible dictator who can’t be questioned. Like Richard Nixon said, “It’s not illegal if the president does it.” Donald Trump has adopted that mantra…except in the case of President Obama. I’m waiting for the “biggest crime committed in the history of the United States” to be that instance when President Obama made fun of The Apprentice. Gary Busey still hasn’t recovered.

Donald Trump fired the Inspector General of our nation’s intelligence community for reporting it to Congress. He even fired people who testified before Congress and in one instance, had a brother of a witness fired. I guess he can’t take any chances.

Donald Trump does not like oversight. He doesn’t like accountability, fact-checkers, or reporters who ask him about things he’s said that are not factual. He desires to be unquestioned and obeyed. He hires people who supported his claim he didn’t know about those pornstar payoffs…then didn’t question it when a tape was revealed of him planning those pornstar payoffs. So, if those people can be total and complete unethical lackeys who don’t mind working for a lying piece of crap, why can’t everyone else? Sheesh!

When asked about an Inspector General report about a lack of testing in the nation’s hospitals, Donald Trump said, “That’s wrong.” He wasn’t talking about the report being wrong. He said it was “wrong” for there to be a report. He replied to the reporter, “Did I hear the word inspector general, really?” He then fired that IG.

The problem Donald Trump has with Inspectors General is they’re not loyal to him. They do their jobs which is often to root out and expose malfeasance. Donald Trump’s middle name should “Malfeasance” instead of “John.” But then again, there have been a lot of times in his life when he’s been a John so that’s appropriate too.

Donald Trump has fired multiple Inspectors General. Trump fired Michael Atkinson, the IG of the intelligence agencies. He fired Christi Grimm, who wrote the report on testing at hospitals. Her crime was that she’s an Obama appointee…except she’s not. He fired Glen Fine, the acting IG at the Department of Defense. Fine had recently been named by a panel of federal IGs as chairman of a congressionally-mandated commission to oversee the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package.

Now, Trump will appoint one of his goons to oversee the $2 trillion relief package.

Here’s where it gets intense, real, and ridiculous: The relief package required oversight. It was attached to the bill by Democrats and Donald Trump conceded to it. Then, when he signed it, he wrote, “My Administration will treat this provision as hortatory but not mandatory.” It’s like he got the bill to sign into law and he decided which parts of it were legal and what parts he could remove. That’s not a metaphor. That’s exactly what he did. It’s another one of those things where you can say, “Imagine how Republicans would react if Obama did that.” And who taught Donald Trump the word “hortatory?”

When Trump came into office, he sent warning signs he intended to root out IGs deemed or suspected to be Obama loyalists. He fired Daniel Meyer in 2018, who led the Whistleblowing and Source Protection Program at the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

Trump failed to give even a half-assed decent excuse for this latest firing. He sent a letter to Congress that said, “It is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as Inspectors General. That is no longer the case with regard to this Inspector General.” That reasoning is as empty of details and specifics as his “pandemic playbook” or the charges he’s accusing President Obama of. It’s like his replacement for Obamacare. “Something better.”

Donald Trump fired Steve Linick, who was the IG at the State Department. His firing was recommended by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Why? We don’t know. But who was Linick investigating at the time of his firing? Mike Fucking Pompeo (that is his middle name). Reportedly, Linick was looking into accusations that Pompeo was using government employees to do his personal bidding, like making restaurant reservations and walking his dog. Pompeo has been too busy spreading conspiracy theories about China to bother himself to make sure his dog pees outside.

Mitt Romney said the firing was a “threat to accountable democracy.” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said, “Inspectors General provide a critical check on an otherwise unaccountable bureaucracy. That means IGs help drain the swamp.

Unfortunately, since the rest of the Republicans are like Pompeo and are poodles for Trump, that’s the only concern expressed about Trump’s latest move in his drive for a total dictatorship…and stockpiling the swamp.

This is total corruption and they’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re firing the people who can tell on them if they steal from us. They’re not even bothering to hide it anymore. The worst part is, they’re getting away with it.

At least Pompeo’s dog is housebroken because Trump’s poodles are pidding all over the place…and the Constitution.

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  1. “But who was Linick investigating at the time of his firing? Mike Fucking Pompeo (that is his middle name). ”

    Sorry, Clay, you’re wrong.

    Pompeo’s middle name is NOT “Fucking”…

    It is “MotherFucking”.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    … “they’re not even pretending to lead” from President Obama’s Class 2020 speech! … “This is total corruption and they’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re firing the people who can tell on them if they steal from us. They’re not even bothering to hide it anymore. The worst part is, they’re getting away with it.”

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  3. Trump is wanting to show his followers how powerful he is, and his enemies how unbeatable he is. From the first day of his reign, nobody stopped him from lying about his inauguration. Those who complained he ignored, while everyone else ignored him. They should not have. Now he ignores all the laws, and fires anyone who tries to stop him. Who is going to stop him!


  4. I think everyone and needs to take a step back, and view things in an unbiased position. Things look a lot more different than they do when you’re focused on what you have been influenced and manipulated into thinking. I talk about this in my post middle seat. We all have to find middle ground, and we can’t do that when we are fighting each other. The things Trump does for this country are never publicized. You have to go through a flooded search engine to find an article about him doing something incredible. Congress keeps turning him down every time he tries to help us. It’s not him. He needs to ask permission for everything, and Congress is denying him at every turn. He is like the child, and Congress is the parent. They keep saying no. Our federal government is corrupt, and our congressmen don’t care about us. If you disagree, read my posts middle seat, and look through a few of my posts about Trump. I also include links to banned videos That can help you understand. I present people with mainstream thoughts, and the opposing side. This is when I take a step back, and speak for those ignored. I am forming my own opinion. Find your middle seat, see things differently, and you will understand.


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